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This is my friends scan report.She is 23 years old.Can you tell me what is the exact problem?


HRCT of Chest performed on 16 slice MD CT.
Axial images were filmed.

Heart is normal. There is trace of pericardial effusion, likely physiological. Mediastinal vessels to the extent visualized in this unenhanced scan, are normal.

Minimally enlarged pretracheal ,paratracheal and precarnial nodes ranging upto 1 cm are seen. No evidence for any necrosis or calcification seen within them

Trachea and major bronchi are patent.

No evidence for any intraluminal obstructive or extraluminal compressive pathology.

Extensive ,cylindrical bronchiectatic changes are seen invovling entire right middle lobe, lingula and all segments of the left lower lobe except the superior segment.There are small well-defined ,centrilobular nodules with some of them showing tree-in-bud appearance within bilateral lower lobes, right middle lobe and the lingula, suggestive of bronchiolitis.Rest of the lung parenchyma is normal.

No abnormality is seen within the pleura.

Impressions: *Bilateral extensive bronchiectasis within the right middle lobe ,lingula and the left lower lobe
                  *Centrilobular nodules with tree-in-bud appearance within the right middle lobe ,lingula and bilateral   lower lobes,suggestive of bronchiolitis
                   Possibility of military Koch's also need to be considered in the differential diagnosis
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