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Can TB not show up in xRay?
I have had a cough for a year.  I had pleurisy Nov 07 which subsequently turned to pleural effusion. Cleared on it's own with no medication.  
Cough continued to this day I get short of breath and cough if I talk for longer than 15 seconds at a clip (which I tend to do....).  Anyway, TB never entered my mind as my x-rays were clear the last 2 x-rays -  other than scars on my left lung (which the doctor said were from having pleurisy).
  The CT scan actually said scars or ..... can't remember the word now....  but something that started with the letter A.  
BUT - I just noticed I have 3 circular red patches on my thighs, middle and back (2 on one leg, 1 on the other)  -  kind of scaly but nearly perfectly round.

Why would an x-ray show clear (other than the scars) if I have TB?  Most recent x-ray was taken this week.

If this was you, would you ask the doctor for a skin TB test?

Thank you for any help.

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