Chest pain/shortness of breath 5 years after pleurodesis
by phauwn, Apr 27, 2006
I am a 24YO white male 6'6".
About 5 years ago I had 2 Pleurodesis operations (mechanical on left/chemical on right) following several spontanteous pneumothoraxes. I had occasional pain for several months after which eventually subsided almost completely.

2 months ago I began having periods of mild chest pressure/tightness that would last several minutes occuring every other day or so. This was leading up to a long term move overseas (Bulgaria)where I am now. While layed over in London the pressure became persistent and heavier and I began experiencing pain on both sides of my chest and in my arms. I went to the ER in London, had xray, ecg, 02 saturation, bloodtests for virii, all came back normal. The doctors diagnosed this as anxiety (which made sense to me at the time). I had plans to return the following week and they told me to return if the pain persisted. I DID return to the hospital the next week and again had the same tests all with normal results.

The pain then subsided for the most part, and I started feeling better over the next few weeks. Then, just last weekend the chest pressure and intermittent pain returned. Then, during a non-strenuous day hike, I became extremely lightheaded and dizzy. The lightheadedness was milder after a nap, and milder yet the next day. I have had 2 subsequent periods of lightheadedness (though milder than the first).
I visted the hospital today completing another xray & ecg with normal results and they have scheduled a HRCT scan next week, and a meeting with another lung specialist.
Any furthur insight for me? Thank you.
by National JewishBlank, Apr 28, 2006
The nature of the chest pain will be important for you to relate to the doctor to help him.  The doctor
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by phauwn, Apr 27, 2006
I should also mention, no family history of lung disease or connective tissue disorders.
by mickymoose, Jun 05, 2011
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