Costochondritis and Shortness of Breath
by Cyberhealth, Apr 28, 2008
For the people who posted on another thread about constant yawning and not feeling like you get a good breath, has anyone been diagnosed with possible costochondritis?  I have had pain in the right chest wall for 15 years and all of a sudden now I have shortness of breath.  My doctor gave me a shot of Torodol and told me if it did not fix the inflammation and shortness of breath in a few days to come back.  Has anyone else has this that can tell me something about the ailment of costochondritis?  I tend to agree with my doctor that this is what I may have although my symptoms have not gone away.  My right chest feels swollen.  I have had a lot of scans over the years and nothing has turned up.

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by Retiredinfla, May 24, 2008
I have been diagnosed with Costochondritis. It has been almost 2 years of absolute hell. Can't breathe, can't yawn and have pain in the ribcage. Feels like someone is ripping the ribcage open. Am totally housebound because of it. Have done the anti inflammatorys, pain killers, Pain Managment, etc. No better. Has your Doctor been able to give you a course of treatment? If so, please share. I am desperate. I can be mailed at ***@****
Thank you!
by MummaT, Oct 08, 2008
I also suffer from Costochondritis and on and off feel the urge to YAWN.  It is so hard to go on with daily activities.  Often I just feel like giving up.  It is so torturous. I can't stand it!   I feel like I have a plasic bag on my head with 2 little holes by my nostrils.  The relief I get when I finally achieve my yawn doesn't last long before I struggle again.  The pain in my ribs are one thing but also the pain in my neck and jaw from continuously trying to "catch that yawn" are even more annoying.  Even then, the pain is nothing compaired to the need to breathe.  I get weak from trying.  Sometimes I just cry cause it won't stop.  On the days that I do feel ok, I find myself thanking God for a "good day of breathing".  I sure wish there was a cure.  It seems that with today's technology there would be something to help this other than IBUPROPHEN!
by bigkev414, Oct 10, 2008
I have suffered from costochondritis for nearly 30 years and it's inflammation of the cartlidge beween your ribs where they come together in the front of the chest. In my case It's  caused by  degeneration or damage to vertabras in the cervical spine and the pain radiates around my rib cage on the right side to the centre of my chest. The cartlidge swells up when its really bad and feels like a sausage shape about 4" long
I lay down and rub arthritis cream onto the sore and swollen part and it helps a bit but I do get breathless when it flares up and it hurts like hell. Probably the breathing problems (just like you guys describe it) is more upsetting than the pain.
That's what it is -- how to fix it is something else. Incidentally the one who found out that it originated in my spine was a chinese herbalist who I went to in absolute desperation after all the doctors failed me.
The best relief is to get someone to rub along your backbone and feel the sore vertabra (you will yell when they do) and rub it firmly and massage arthritis cream into it. That definately helps but boy it hurts. Best of luck. Kev
by medadvice4, Nov 28, 2008
Having costochondritis could an ailment be pain in the back, both sides just below your shoulder blades. Like a muscle ache?  
by Bishara, Jun 06, 2009
I was also diagnosed with Costochondritis however the pain on the chest isnt that bad its more to do with my breathing.
The only reason why I actually went to the hospital was because I couldnt breathe +  I thought it was something to do with my hart. Does anyone know if its is related ?
by peppermint73, Jul 07, 2009
I hope this might help someone.  I have been suffering from similar symptoms for about 10 months.  I always felt like I had to yawn and couldn't get a satisfying breath.  My neck, back, & chest were always sore.  After tons of research and trying different things, I found something called "Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome"or HVS.  I didn't feel like I was hyperventilating, but when I looked up the symptoms, it was like a check list of everything I had been feeling.  I also found that HVS can cause Costochondritis.  This is what I thought I had the whole time.   There is a book called "Self Help for Hyperventilation Syndrome" written by Dinah Bradley.  I picked one up on Amazon for about $12.  She gives breathing excercises that retrain your body to breath from your diaphram.  I was totally shocked that within 1 week of doing the excercises my yawning was gone.  It has been 2 months now and no more frequent yawning.  I am still dealing with the tension in my neck & upper back, but she also recommends doing relaxation techniques to get rid of that.  I wish I could have found this information months earlier.  I hope this helps someone!
by Jrok816, Nov 02, 2011
I have been suffering from occasional pain in the mid chest when doing chest excercises or laying or stretching a certain way. This has been going on for almost a year. I recently have been feeling an occasional heavyness while breathing, also frequent yawning and the feeling of not being able to catch a good breath. I have always had an anxiety problem so I automatically thought I had a heart problem. I am very relieved to see that I am not alone with all of these symptoms. Also, I have seen three different kinds of doctors which gave me X-rays, EKG, and blood work, still no answer to what it is. I had to pretty much diagnose myself. Seeing all of you with the same problems makes me feel a lot better. Thank you
by mama6580, Nov 07, 2011
I am so glad for this forum! I have this swelling and ripping pain in my chest in the center of my breast bone. Sometimes its so bad I can't straighten up or stretch. It been 10 years. I've had every test including rumatoid arthritis. Doctors find nothing. Recently its been harder than ever to get a deep breathe and I've been feeling lathargic and fatigue. If I make a doc appointment if will be the same old hoop jumping for nothing..what to do?
by orientalrug, Jun 25, 2012
Have you considered one of the spondyloarthropathies?

Chronic costochondritis with swelling with negative bloodwork is a hallmark.

The two subtypes I've heard of without sacroiliitis are Undifferentiated SpA and SAPHO Syndrome.

Good luck!