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Coughing for over a year - need help
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Coughing for over a year - need help

I have been coughing...  everyday since November of 2008.  Yes, it is February 2010 now.

My doctor has performed blood work, chest and nasal xrays, etc without finding anything wrong.

The cough is slightly productive, even though I have had coughing fits from time to time which seem to produce a flooding effect.  This usually happens only once or twice a month.  The regular, slightly productive cough occurs multiple times a day.  I don't usually cough after going to bed for the night, but have a couple of times.  The cough is most persistant during the day.

No wheezing.  No fever.  My wife hasn't caught it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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HI- Whilst searching around for information about an ongoing cough (okay it has only been a month at this stage but it is nevertheless making me nervous) I found the below odd, but interesting, tidbit. It is an abstract from Vol. 223 No. 11, March 12, 1973 from 'The Journal of the American Medical Association.'
" A cough can be caused by a hair lying against the tympanic membrane. To the best of our knowledge, this is documented for the first time by our report of three patients with chronic cough who experienced relief after a hair was removed from the ear drum. The explanation for this observation is based on a protective reflex mediated through afferent vagal nerve fibers."
The Article was:
The Tympanic Membrane
A Source of the Cough Reflex
Allan P. Wolff, MD; Mark May, MD; Douglas Nuelle
JAMA. 1973;223(11):1269.

Don't know just how many coughs this can be attributed to, and there are a lot of coughing people out there judging by all the forums - but IF this was a likely culprit in ANY cases just how many doctors would think of this obscure article? :-)
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