Excess Mucous-Trouble Sleeping
by michelle23, Aug 19, 2007
I had a terrible night last night. I do have problems with excess mucous, but last night was terrible. I went to bed and felt like I was drowning in my mucous. Sorry to be so gross. I felt like I could hardly breathe at all, breathing was so faint and shallow. I breathe through my nose at night. I have a pulse oximeter machine which was my Grandmother's, and checked to see my oxygen levels while laying in bed-sometimes it was 93, and went to 91 at one point. I went to take a Sudafed and did not fall asleep till 5 a.m. I am not sure when to be worried about the oxygen levels, and what can I do to get rid of the mucous. I was so scared I was going to choke in my sleep. Anyone have any advice??
by National Jewish HealthBlank, Aug 22, 2007
The first step should be to determine the site of mucus production.  Is it from the nose and sinuses or from the lungs and, if from the lungs, is it the result of a lung disease or a sign of congestive heart failure.  Only by finding the source of the mucus can treatment be initiated to get rid of it.  For the moment I would not worry about the oxygen saturations noted.

Your first step should be to see a lung specialist.  If your lungs and heart are found to be normal, the next step would be to see an ENT specialist.
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by AJWS6, Aug 19, 2007
Hi Michelle,
I'm experiencing similiar symptoms, and seeking help.  I have excessive mucos build up in my throat and always clearing my throat, constantly all day.  My nose/throat swells shut, makes it hard to breathe, sometimes gasping for air.  Hope we find some answers soon, and help one another.

My sinus X-ray showed thick mucos around the sinus.  Don't know what any of this means, Lol,.    

Although I never have any mucos problems in my nose, what does seem to help me is putting cotton balls in my nose, guess it catches the mucos before it hits my throat, causing less swelling.  I don't know.  But it does help, I use cotton balls an hour or two just before I sleep, opens up my nostrils/ airways.  

I know how you feel, I feel as if I'm drowning in my own mucos.  Till the docs can find out what's going on, I have to be my own doc, Lol,.  

Hope you feel better.  
by Printwriter, Aug 22, 2007
I know this feeling you are describing about drowning in your own mucous, it's hideous. I had it after a very bad case of whooping cough. Basically the violence of the cough caused me damage the 'valves' that stop stomach acid creeping up the 'food pipe' and into the airways. If this acid does get into the airways, the breathing apparatus, including the lungs, generate huge amounts of mucous to stop the acid causing any harm. It's much like mobilising troops in an effort to defend a vital area - so believe it or not its actually a good thing.
You need to get to the source of the reason this mucous is being generated, and it is worth checking out whether 'acid reflux' might be the cause. They can give you drugs that almost immediately alieviate the problem.      
by crystalfresh, Aug 22, 2007
I am in the same group as all of you too. For the person with the cotton balls, I wonder if the cotton is acting like an nasal allergy filter or just stopping air from entering your nose? The mucus can be from many things. Mine is from allergy. Their are many nasal sprays that stop the mucus.
by Yvonne5, Aug 30, 2007
I know how all of you are feeling.  I have all the same symptoms.  I have never heard of this being from acid reflux, but I'm definitely going to check into it.  The other thing that I have found in my own research was candida overgrowth but could never find anything to combat that.  No one has been able to tell me the source of the mucus build up in my throat.  I was wondering if anyone has other symptoms like a metallic taste or a breath problem from the constant mucus in the throat?  I am trying to figure if all the symptoms I have are from one source or if I have more than one problem.
I would be grateful for any help.
by sfier, Sep 19, 2007
my daughter (24) started this mucus at the same time she started having pains in her stomach and was dx as acid reflux. we have since cured the acid reflux but to this day she has the mucus every morning and sometimes in the daytime too where she can not function until she coughs or vomits this phlegm out of her throat. this has gone on over 1 year now and i have seen her lung doctor, E.N.T doctor, the gastro doctor, and even her cardio doctor. The E.N.T said it was post nasel drip and gave us prescription for nasel spray to thin out the mucus. This seems to help with that but I wanted to know why it was happening and why it started when the acid reflux started and why is it everyday and what is the cause. I got nothing from this doctor except try the spray and come back in two months if it didnt help. I have not gone back yet because it took me two hours in waiting room just to have him ask me what she was there for and before i could even answer he was already writing the prescription and had his mind made up. it kills me to see her go through this hacking and gagging trying to get this out every morning. I know this doesn't help answer your question but I just wanted to share the experience. I also wondered about candida.
by sleepless07, Aug 24, 2008
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