Failed Pulmonary Function Test
by llbean4, Mar 13, 2008
I am a 27 yr old female and have been having difficulty breathing for a little over a month.  Here is my history since this started: (smoked for 10 years - Quit 2 years ago)

- Lung Infection January and it went away with a Z-pack.  
- Middle of February I got the same feelings, sore throat, burning feeling in chest, fever and shortness of breath.
- The Dr said I probably had walking pnemonia and gave me another z-pack.  That didn't do anything.
- Peak flow test which was 340.  My pulse ox was normal.  
- Treated me for Asthma.  Albuterol and Flovent did nothing after a 1 1/2 weeks.  
- Went to the ER as I started feeling worse, chest x-ray and blood work normal, no improvement from breathing treatment.
-Pulmonary Function Test showed reduced FEF25-75 with normal FVC and FEV1, no improvement with bronchodilator.
-CT of Chest showed normal - solidary mildly enlarged 2 cm superior mediastinal lymph node (Not sure what this means)

It's been over a month and I feel the same, sore throat, sore and burning chest, and shortness of breath constantly.   I do have an appt with a Pulmonologist next month but I am just very concerned.  I feel as though I have to bug my Dr to help me. I am a new Mom with an 8 month old and need to get better quick.  

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.   Thank you so much for your time:-)
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by bhups1, Mar 13, 2008
Hi, although you were investigated for lung causes but sometimes heart disorder may lead to symptoms like shortness of breath especially in post partum period. Conditions like congestive heart failure, valve prolapse, regurgitation etc cause blood to collect in lungs leading to pulmonary congestion.

As heart is not able to pump adequate amount of blood to body tissues due to backflow into lungs. Investigations like ECHO will rule out heart disorder.