Is it normal to have shortness of breath after stopping smoking?
by rl481, Mar 10, 2008
Can anyobdy tell me if shortness of breath after stopping smoking is normal? I am 32 years old, male, smoked 8-9 cigarettes a day for about 15 years. I stopped smoking three weeks ago. I have never been short of breath in my life, however since I stopped smoking, I find myself out of breath, at strange times, even when sitting at rest. Apart from that, I feel completely fine.  Is this just part of stopping smoking?

It seems to be very difficult to find information on the side effects of stopping smoking!


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by Sunny602, Mar 10, 2008
YOu know, my sister said the same thing when she quit smoking. I am not sure why that would be...I do know that there is usually an increased productive cough as the cilia in the lungs begin to function normally to rid your lung of debris.
If it is really bothersome, it wouldn't hurt to run it by your doctor to see what he or she thinks. I hope that you get answers soon...Sunny
by NATE909, Aug 05, 2008
i am an 18 year old male and have been smoking  since i was 13,. i just recently quit. i was having the same kind of conditions you were so i went to see my local doctor.  He told me that what i was feeling was mostly anxiety and a little bit of some acid reflex. He put it in to simple words for me and said that once your body is used to something like nicotine and you take it away your body has a very difficult time and things might go a little wierd for a while. he prescibed me some pills for anxiety  and also some medication for my acid reflex and coughing problem(just a decongestent) it been about 2 months and i feel great. My advice would be see a doctor, get some test and things done, and see whats going on...hope this helps
by dollface00, Aug 05, 2008
yes i quit 4 weeks ago after having a collapsed lung.its normal and you may get a little wheezy also
by vivek456, May 25, 2013
Shortness of breath is normal. I had it too.... To overcome it & see results immediately , follow this.
Have a Vicks inhaler : helps control breath.
Follow Anulom vilom - a yoga trick see youtube to learn
Eat an ayurvedic preparation : chyavanaprash - helps immune system : helps cilia to clear tar accumulated in ur lungs ( eat 5 spoons daily)
Practise healthy coughing : helps remove mucous
Optional - Eat karpuradilehyam (Ayurvedic medicine - camphor) : helps lung recover fast.
Relax ur mind by remaining busy in something else.
Once recovery starts. Start slow jogging !!