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Morning chest pain/tight chest
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Morning chest pain/tight chest

I woke up with chest pain 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 and shortness of breath which was alleviated by: sitting up, taking my inhaler which at the first few puffs I wondered if any was getting out of the inhaler but on checking it was - it was me that was finding it hard to breath it in, getting up, getting fresh air by going outside and breathing in, coughing, drinking a hot drink. I had mucus in my throat but not enought to make a noise when I coughed. The chest pain persisted till now 1 and a half hours later but in reduced form behind my left shoulder blade. Could it be musclular? The original pain was from front to back of my chest and produced tightness of breath with it. What was this and why did it occur - can you give me some ideas?
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My wife, who's 40 this year, complained about chest tighness and breathing problem. She's a minor thallasemic and has irregular menses. She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (syndrome) few years back.
She went to A&E recently for examination and had an Chest & Abdomen X-ray. Her blood test results as follow:

Troponin-T: <0.01 UG/L
Urea,serum: 3.5mmol/L
Sodium, serum: 140mmol/L
Potassium,serum: 3.7mmol/L
Chloride,serum: 107mmol/L
Bicarbonate,serum: 25.7mmol/L
Glucose,serum: 4.7mmol/L
Creatinine,serum: 48Umol/L

Phelbolith is seen in the right hemipelvis.

Please elaborate what is phelbolith in the right hemipelvis.

She also complained of arm numbness on the day she visited the clinic.

According to the doctor, the chest tighness was due to mild faecal laden colon. Please explain the correlationship between chest tighness and faecal laden colon, as my wife had diarhheoa prior visiting the doctor.

Thank you so much for your kind explanation as the doctor I visited did not give me a conclusive explanation.
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