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Morning cough
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Morning cough

Hey just wondering if you guys could help me.
I seem to have a chronic cough EVERY morning and sometimes (rarely) at nite before i go to sleep.
I just woke up then coughed a heap and now basicly im just sitting here fine.
No shortness of breath, i do feel somewhat alot of spit that wants to come out but its all sticky, so its as if im trying to clear that.

I smoke rarely, if i do the extent is one ciggie a day, normaly in the morning before i go to work.

I dont cough during the day.

Im 23.

Not a drinker.

I dont have any pains or vomiting.

Its just really annoying becuase i wake up my GF normaly in the morning, but as of tonite ive woken up 5 hours before i normaly wake up.

Ive had 2 check up for different things (Migraines) in the last month/months doc's said ive been fine overall.

What have i got and what can i do about it?

Thank you.
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Also seems like im "trying" to clear my throat.
I think its inflammed, i can take a few puff on the puffer and i clears up.
Do you have any allergies, sinus problems or anything like that? That could explain morning coughing. Post nasal dripping can collect in the back of your throat as you sleep, upon awakening, you would be coughing to rid yourself of the phlegm.
Also, do you have reflux disease? Interestingly, reflux disease can cause asthma like symptoms including coughing. Reflux material might also pool in your airways as you sleep, Coughing is the body's effort to get rid of this.
I would mention these to your doctor so that he or she can assess you for these possibilities.
I hope this helps...Sunny
Um i do have allergies, i normaly take a pill for them, but its not really spring time here.
Ive looked up that PND thing, it looks very close to how i feel in the morning.

I was told at a young age that i get asthma from my allergies, but that being said ive never REALLY had to use my puff. (Mostly on medication thou, which could of been why)

Somewhat scared to see a doctor, in fear that my lungs could be shot. (Ex-smoker, did a packet a week, would rarely smoke more then 1-3 a day.)
>_> just dont want lung cancer, but i figure im only 23.

I dont THINK there is anythign wrong with my lungs themselfs, i can inhale as much as my GF, and i seem to follow the same breathing pattern as her.

=/ Maybe im just para....
Allergies can happen year round, some people have more of a problem in the spring, some have more issues during winter. I guess it depends on what you are allergic to. I am allergic to many things and seem to have issues year round because of this. I take allergy pills as well which seems to help some. I wonder if an allergy pill with a decongestant would help you better, especially with your morning problems.

I can understand your fear about docs, at 23 it is very unlikely that you have emphysema at that age. It does help that you have significantly lessened the amount that you smoke. As far as the doctor goes, he or she would probably listen to your chest, see if there is wheezing and listen to your history of symptoms and go from there. He may order additional tests such as lung function tests (to perhaps assess your asthma), blood work to see where you stand with your basic chemistries, tests to assess your GI system if he or she believes that to be the culprit etc....All of this depends on the examination and symptoms. If anything, by seeing a doctor, the cause of your problems would be diagnosed (hopefully) and you would receive optimal care and medications to help you find relief.

I hope you find relief soon,
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