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My constant chest wheezing and strange nose noises
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My constant chest wheezing and strange nose noises

For the last four months I have been ill.  First, I got a bug that made my nose plug up
for weeks and a wheezing that still will not go away.  Went to the hospital twice
with breathing problems. Was given a chest x-ray and told it was not pnemonia (pneumonia) or
lung cancer and that it was viral.  Needed to take inhalers.  As I was a 1/2 pack
smoker I then proceeded to quit which I have since done.  First time at hospital, was
given antibiotics for about 5 days.  Didn't help.  Down the rode ventured to my own
doctor and she listened to my chest wheezing and gave me 10 days of Biaxin which
also did not help but made me feel miserable.  At present, I manage to do things
well enough in the day but when I get up in the morning or lie down at night or just
sit to watch t.v. the constant wheezing shows itself and I cough up white mucus.
The strange sounds in my nose and chest baffle me.  Four months I am wheezing.
Where do I go now.  What tests?  I do have asthma, but it has never presented itself
this way.  It was very occasional when I became stressed or during ragweed season.
Why do doctors only listen to your chest and quickly come to all kinds of conclusions.
I only got this after I had a cold or flu and it was four days after I received this years
flu shot.  Still taking my blue and orange inhaler plus the flonase and still wheezing.

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did yuu ever get any worthwhile reponses to your question about theconstant wheezing?  My problem is pretty much identidcal and started after I took the flu shot last year.  I now make the strangest wheezing noises mostly at night even thoufh I do some wheezing in the day time.  My wheezing is not coming from my lungs, it is more nasal.  I also get very dry mouth at night.  I too am wondering what kind of test to ask for because my pulumonary doctor says just keep using the inhalers.
Yes, I did receive help for this problem and it has worked.  I was given Nasonex which
takes a couple of months to kick in apparently and advair and I feel fine.  It has to
be nasonex morning and night.  When the congestion in my nose cleared up then
the wheezing in my chest cleared up.  Thank you for responding and I hope this helps.
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