Pneumonia Recovery
by FJOHNONE, Jan 11, 2008
Hi, my name if fred. After a month of different type of antibiotics for pnuemonia, I finally got the right one (Levaquin) which cleared my lungs and got permission to begin exercising (slowly) last Monday. Has anyone experienced recovery from pneumonia and what I can expect during the recovery period? I have an anxiety problem and I can't tell if my current symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, weakness are normal recovery symptoms or are they a product of my anxiety?

I know this is a broad question that has a lot of variables. I have just been sick longer and harder than at any other time in my life. I can't remember being well.

Hope to here from You!
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by Sunny602, Jan 11, 2008
I have had pneumonia several times, the last episode put me in the hospital for 3 weeks. One thing is for certain, pneumonia sure knocks the hell out of me...I am very weak, and just have a washed out feeling for quite some time afterwards. I guess it depends on just how severe the infection is...the longer I am lying around due to being so sick, the longer it takes for me to bounce back. What I experience may not what others experience..but from what I have heard, others feel this way as well. It just takes alot out of you to get rid of a serious infection like pneumonia.
I hope that you feel stronger by the does take time, but you will feel better. If you don't start to improve, then it wouldn't hurt to touch base with your doctor.
by FJOHNONE, Jan 11, 2008
You know what the key to my recovery is? Could be for you too? We are sick so hard and so long we start believing and when that happens, we develop a sick personality. Dozens of times each day I remind myself to "act like I am a healthy person." Kind of like fooling the body and the brain with an act. Some times it is not easy as the brain and body shoot out all these symptoms that I tend to over-analyze.

Sunny, I think you and I will claim this recovery as one of our life's biggest accomplishments. Are you with me?
by Sunny602, Jan 11, 2008
You do have a point...the mind and body connection is very strong. Attitude and outlook have a huge part in recovery and disease process I believe. I have to admit that sometimes I do slip into that "sick personality" you describe, especially if I have been ill for so long and just am frustrated by the whole ordeal or am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I try to remain as optimistic as possible, taking it day by day even hour by hour if necessary. Being in the hospital so much, I have learned to try and be patient with my care and that results don't come overnight.
So yes, I am with you! Sunny :)
by FJOHNONE, Jan 12, 2008
Good Morning! For us healthy folks, it is going to be a good day. Tired today from all the previous day of exercise (about 3 mile walk) two of them with my dog, Jack which adds another mile if you know what I mean. I'm tired today but not weak, I hate weak.Drink lots of water today Sunny, OK? WE are moving on, better and wiser than before. Let me know how you are doing.

by Sunny602, Jan 12, 2008
Hello John! Today I was very tired  probably more from not sleeping...I think my body is forgetting the difference between night and day. Frustrating....but, like I say...this too shall pass. I am glad that your weakness is getting better by the day. It is amazing to see the transformation from weak as a wet dishtowel to finally getting back to normal routines. I am not quite at my normal, physical therapy comes to my home 3 times a week to work with me and I do exercises daily as much as I can tolerate. Being on a vent can make things tricky but I manage. I walk around as much as possible, at least as much as my vent allows me to. It kind of freaks people out when the see me do the stuff I do attatched to the machines that I am on LOL! But, I say if I can still do it, then I will. No machine will tell me otherwise. I pray that tomorrow is even better for you...keep me updated! Sunny :)
by DJones83, Jan 13, 2008
What symptoms led you to believe you had pneumonia the first time?

I was really sick with cold 2 months ago (vomiting the first day, fatigue which I was able to fight through, runny nose, just general ill feeling) and believe I developed sinusitis (I had congested sinus ever since then!).
I then had a suspected chest infection a month ago (lungs and back hurt, more so when lying down, wheezing... though the pain was probably compounded by the fact I was quitting smoking) and was prescribed amoxicillin for 5 days.
Now I got sick again- wheezing first night, nausea first day, a fever on the second night which passed the next day, periods of fatigue/disorientation, chest pain (stabbing pains and dull ache in the first few days, now it's better), coughing, head and body aches (including my teeth today), congestion in sinus and lungs, swollen left gland today and now sneezing and runny nose (sinus seems to be clearing up, but not lungs).

I do have an overactive, "sick" mind (which I'm guessing developed from A. someone close to me dying in an accident when I was very young, B. the fact I do have IBS and random aches and itchiness). I was just wondering if I should really be concerned about pneumonia, or if I'm just over-analysing things???? So sorry about stupidly long and boring post :)
by Sunny602, Jan 13, 2008
Hi! Your post is just fine..not even close to being too long or boring :) I guess I felt very very tired and had symptoms like you describe as well. The intermittent fevers with horrible sweats, I would drench my night clothes and bedding to the point of having to change them. My chest did hurt, especially in the area where the pneumonia was. It was a dull, intermittent ache that got worse with coughing. My appetite plunged and yes, I had nausea as well and at times vomiting, I just wanted to sleep too, didn't want to do a damned thing. I coughed up what seemed like my lungs at times and I definitely had more mucous which was discolored and did smell. Oh, I also get headaches with them. I have had pneumonia so much that I can actually tell the doc that I have it and could bet my life on it and be right when the xray comes back.
If anything, it does sound like you could easily have another infection and I would see your doctor so that he can examine you...listen to your lungs, check vitals, review your symptoms, etc...If he suspects pneumonia, then he might do a chest xray. A bad case of bronchitis can also make you feel lousy and cause fevers too. Alot of times, I would get a cold or some type of upper respiratory infection first and then get sicker to the point of having either very bad bronchitis or pneumonia. These days, this seems like the norm for me unfortunately.
It is interesting when you say that you have an over reactive "sick" mind due to past experiences and present. I just think it makes you more aware of what could be. I have to admit that sometimes I get crazy whenever I feel like I am coming down with something because of all that I have been through as far as my respiratory issues. If I get even a sniffle, I worry about whether I am going to get full blown pneumonia and wind up back in the hospital. Mind you, I am in the hospital at a minimum of 4 times a year and for weeks at a time, so I guess my feelings are justified in a way. I know I need to relax.
See, now it is my turn to bore you LOL!! Anytime you want to bounce anything off of me...I am a click away. Sunny :)
by FJOHNONE, Jan 13, 2008
I am going to experiment and see if I can write one note without complaining or telling you of my symptoms. Whew, this is hard already. Did a lot yesterday, walked about 4 miles and took Jack for frisbee. Might have overdone it but it was lots of fun to get out of the house. Going out for breakfast this morning, will walk two miles on the treadmill and take Jack for frisbee later in the afternoon. (I'm doing it). Going to try something today and that is not to take a nap. When I nap I...(ooops, caught myself) I will read a book on how dogs heal people. Very interesting. Tomorrow is my first anniversary when my lungs were announced as being clear of pneumonia. Go Lungs!
I did it! Felt good too.
Yes, I will be your friend, Sunny. Anyone who ready my dribble deserves to be more than a friend.
Seize the Day!
by Sunny602, Jan 14, 2008
LOL John, you are too funny!! You are doing a great job. It seems with each passing day, things are looking better for you.
I went to the mall yesterday as I am officially off of quarantine, it was a welcome change of scenery for me. I got some much needed sneakers and some really cool shirts that were also a bargain (I live for bargains LOL..I actually try to sniff 'em out). Yes I will admit that I was exhausted, I would be lying if I said I wasn't and took it easy today.Still, not bad for a vented gal!  I know when to not push my body too hard and say uncle. PT came today to work on my muscles..I enjoy the sessions as I spend as much time gabbing with the therapist as I do doing the actual exercises.
Well, here's to another good day my friend...Sunny :).