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Right Lower Lobe Mass
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Right Lower Lobe Mass

Hi recently had pneumonia and had a ct scan done with contrast . This is the report on it. Contigious images were obtained through the thorax utilizing 100 ml of isovue 370. No mediastinal or hilar mass lesions or pathologic adenopathy are demostrated . There is a solid mass lesion in the lower right lobe which extends from the region of the hilum to the pleural surface posterolaterally . There is multible other small nodular densities involving both lungs which are to small to characterize but may well repersent metastatic deposits .
Conclusions :
1. There is a mass in the rigt lower lobe which is presumabley malignant.
2. There are multiple smaller bilateral pulmonary nodules which are suspicious for metastatic disease, but are to small to classify. This was done Nov. 30. 2008

This second one was done Dec, 17,20009

No pathologic mediastinal or hilar adenopathy is present . Tjere is nospecific consolidation in the right lower lobe with multiple nodules present . The largest are of consolidation does have some air bronchograms however particuallyy along its more inferior aspect. There are additional ppulmonary nodules in the lingula of the left lung . The pulmonary nodules are all 1 cm diameter or less with the largest noted in the right lower lobe measuring 1 cm diaeter . There has been probabley slight improvement in the area of consolidation in the right lower lobw relative to 12/01/2008 and the muliiple other small pulmonary nodules are unchanged. There certainily could still be a mass centrally whithin the area of consolidation in the right lower lobe but the apperance remains nonspecific currently . Again metastatic disease would be primaryconcern in the differential for the small nodules . Although the distrubution is somewhat unusal with numerous nodules in the lingulia and right lower lobe sparing the other lobes . an infectious etiology should also be considered including a typical fungal infections. Clinical correlation is again advised .
Impression :
1. Slight improvement in the right lower lobe consolidation realative to 12/01/2008 indicating at least some portion of this is an inflammatory consolidation .
Stable multiple small pulmonary nodules and again I would conside metastatic disease as well as as infectious etiology including a typical infectious agents .
I am 70 years old and smoked in my early years about 15 years an d quit in 1970.Can you advise me on this please . One of th e PA'S in the hospital told me it was a 50/50 chance it was cancer . Thanks so much.

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Thanks for any replys . Maybe I put my question in the wrong place . I am new here first post.
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