Shadow in Chest Xray
by rkmsim, Oct 18, 2002
My daughter, age 29, was just told that a recent chest xray showed a shadow.  She has to go back next week for another xray.  Since I have been treated for cancer, she is absolutely scared to death that this is cancer.  She hasn't smoked in over 10 years.  What, besides cancer, would appear as a shadow on a chest xray?  I have searched all over the web for information but can't find any.
by National JewishBlank, Oct 24, 2002
A "shadow" could be just about anything.  In a 29-year-old woman who hasn't smoked in ten years, the odds are overwhelming that this "shadow" is not cancer and probably of no consequence to her health.  Given your concern and the variety of tests that your daughter might need to have done, she should seek consultation with a pulmonary doctor.  If your daughter has had a chest x-ray in the past, this should be used for comparison.
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by starion, Oct 19, 2002
My dad had to have a CT scan because he was told his chest x-ray was "cloudy."  It turned out everything was fine.  I had to have an echocardiogram because my x-ray appeared to have an enlarged pulmonary artery.  Thankfully, that also turned out to be a false alarm & everything is fine.  X-rays are full of shadows & light which the radiologist must interpret--so much depends on the angle at which the person is standing, the angle of the camera, how close or far the patient is from the camera & a host of things.  Please tell your daughter not to worry & don't you worry until & unless the radiologist tells both of you that there IS something to worry about!  Wishing you & your daughter the best!  Aloha, Starion
by rkmsim, Oct 19, 2002
Thanks for the information!  I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I'll pass on that information.
by spicer, Oct 21, 2002
Hello - Has your daughter ever had pneumonia?  My mother-in-law's x-ray showed a shadow also, but it had been taken at a hospital in another state while they were on vacation, and the doctor there was very concerned about it.  My in-laws weren't.  She's had this same shadow for years and her personal doctor knows about it....but this new doctor didn't.  If they have nothing to compare it to, of course the first time is going to be a concern for all involved until they know for sure what's causing it to appear.  Twenty-nine is fairly young, so she has  youth on her side as far as her health is concerned.  We've all heard stories of a doctor seeing something on an x-ray one week....only to not see it the next, whether it be a mammogram, chest x-ray, or ultrasound.  Please tell your daughter not to worry yet, it could be something....or nothing.  And whatever happens, she's very lucky to have a caring mom like you.  Please let us know how she is....
by rkmsim, Oct 24, 2002
Thanks to everyone who has replied.  My daughter had another chest xray this week and we are awaiting the results.  The doctor wanted to compare them since she didn't have any from before.  But, it appears that the shadow is not something of great concern.  We will persue it, though, until everyone is satisfied with the explanation.
by Missy30, Oct 31, 2002
I am so glad i found this site. I have been a nervous wreck all day and that is no good i know. I read almost all of the respiratory ailments and treatment source and i must say it alone is comforting, there are nice people here. I have not 14.95 to ask a question so professionals can get back to me, so i place this comment/question to those who may or may not respond..I too was told today i have a shadow in my x-ray and my symptoms have yet to fade, ironically they are getting worse with treatment. I am on robitussin with codeine for cough which is sooo bad especially at night i almost cannot catch my breath, i feel a tickle then BAM i am in a coughing fit, i am up now as a result of it this eve...I am getting no relief. They are giving me a cat scan with contrast tomorrow at 1230pm and i hate cat scans as well as needles, i am getting a double whammy tomorrow and i just hope i can make it theough it...I heard things happen to people with contrast, i have a heart condition MVP and i am not sure declination is an option.. ANy advice? In referring back to this person and her age again the irony is almost coincidental. I just turned 30 in August and i have a smoking history, with just re-starting the awful addiction again after a total year of smoke free, prior is 15 yr, i have not smoked much these last few days and i think i am so scared i may not return to it......I hope i am ok to ask these wuestion in comment area, if not i really truly do apologize and i will not be a problem i assure those who keep an eye out in the forum..

Well i hope to read more positive info on this 29 year old, sound like her and i share a common sickness...
Blessings all...
by rkmsim, Nov 01, 2002
To the last comment - I hope everything turns out all right with your tests and that the shadow isn't anything to worry about.  My daughter had another chest xray and it was fine.  The shadows from before were no longer there.  We finally got a copy of the results of the first xray.  Since it turns out that the first xray listed nipple shadows and another shadow as being possibly breast tissue, we are now thinking that whoever took the first one may not have had her positioned right or did something else wrong -- like maybe had her pressed up against the machine too hard.  In any case, after reading the reports, we got a different perspective of what kind of shadows they were talking about the first time.  Had the doctor explained it more fully after the first xray, I'm sure my daughter, and the rest of us, would not have been so concerned.  Thanks again to everyone for their comments.  I appreciate it.
by brokenhearted, Nov 17, 2002
What did your CAT scan reveal? Do you need further tests? Have your doctors considered sarcoidosis? Sarcoidosis can cause many different ailments, including a  severe cough and even cardiac problems. It can also be treated. Please post again with your answer.
by shalu773, Mar 05, 2009
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