Shortness of breath with no other symptoms in 19 year old female.
by btterflyxscreams, May 09, 2006
for the past 5 days I have had shortness of breath- I feel like I kind of drowning or suffocating, like I cant get enough air. I went to the ER last night and after a blood test to check for clotting and a chest xray they couldn't find anything. They had me use a Nebulizer and sent me home with an inhaler assuming it was allergies ( I have never had allergies, these symptoms, or asthma, nor do I have a family history) The  nebulizer only worked a little  and for a short amount of time, the inhaler hardly works. I have no excess phlegm, no rattling, no coughing, no pain. I am a 19 year old female who does not smoke ciggarettes, smokes marijuana occasionally, no other drugs, never drink. I am active, and have a good weight for my height, no medications, no birth control. I am pretty freaked out about this, expecially because I don't have insurance and last night probably cost me a a handful of hundreds that I can't afford.
by National JewishBlank, May 10, 2006
I am sure this is frightening to you.  Shortness of breath comes from a lot of problems.  The testing you had done in the emergency room checked for the most common and serious problems.  Now, it is important to find out whether or not it is a lung problem that is causing your shortness of breath.  This can be determined by spirometry.  This is a simple breathing test that measures how your lungs are working.  If this test shows there is obstruction in your airways the problem could be asthma that can start at any age.  If it is not a lung problem, then it needs to be determined if the problem is with your heart, nerves, or muscles causing your shortness of breath.

As you can see, it is very difficult to give you an answer to the cause of this problem without a good examination and perhaps a few more tests.  I can understand the financial issue, but I can't see how a diagnosis can be made without you being seen again.  Talk with your family doctor to know your options.
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by Fritzkid, May 09, 2006
Ugh. Sounds like stress caused it and more stress (like ER bills) might make it worse.  I'd recommend relaxation, friends, counseling...
by btterflyxscreams, May 10, 2006
Okay, so I went to urgent care because after I wrote that snippet things felt worse. The Doctor easily diagnosed a bronchial viral infection, and gave me a weeks worth the anti-inflamatories. I'm upset the ER didn't catch it, but I'm currently taking steps with the human relations department at the hospital to correct their error. Thanks Everyone!
by Patti Lodes, May 20, 2006
by Sonj2005, Jun 04, 2006
Hi Butterfly,
have you been under any stress lately?
When it happens do you feel like you are dizzy - about to faint?
This sounds like a case of anxiety, I had it before.
It just seemed to happen overnight, same thing I was in A&E and still they couldnt help.
If anything major was wrong they would have seen it , therfore it is maybe a good idea to meditate or try Yoga.
I know it sounds bizarre but another great help is when you yawn.
yawning is gauranteed to make you feel better.
breath very slowly in your nose then out your mouth.
Try it.
Best of luck
by breathing, Jun 08, 2006
I highly recommend looking up hyperventilation syndrome.  I had similar symptoms and now everything makes sense.  Try to breathe from your diaphragm.  Good luck.