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Staph Infection - Nasal Septum
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Staph Infection - Nasal Septum

I was diagnosed on 6/9/07 with a staph infection of both sides of my nasal septum. No cultures were taken. I am taking Bactrim 800/160 TID and Mupirocin 2% ointment TID to nasal septum.I have a headache and pain at the bridge of my nose, It was pain and bleeding that caused me to see the doctor.

I have a slightly elevated temperature 99.6. I have been sweaty and clammy off and on. My doctor did not prescribe the nasal form of the Mupirocin 2% ointment.

I just feel fatigued and I have been a little shaky today. I just don't feel well.

My questions are:

Am I contagious? If so, how long after starting the antibiotic will I be contagious?

I am concerned about having a staph infection so close to my brain. Is that something to be concerned about?

Is it OK to use the regular Mupirocin in your nose?

My physician did not schedule a follow up. What sort of symptoms we be a cause to return to the doctor?

Thank you.
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Coughing up blood is known as hemoptysis. Hemoptysis often looks frothy because it is mixed with air and sputum.  If your not coughing at all, it might be your throat and/or sinus. Small membranes in the nose and throat can rupture causing blood streaked mucus/spit due to many things, some as simple as over-dryness. Try a humidifier and put a little vaseline in your nostrils at night for a few days along with drinking extra water during the day.
If that doesn't help, check with an ENT and possibly a dentist to rule out things like infections, allergies, and/or mouth causes.

Be well.
Oops, please disregard my previous post. I posted it here accidently.

In regards to your questions:

I'm not a doctor, but I'm alittle suprised that a culture wasn't taken although most courses of treatments for both Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus are the same.
If your not feeling better in 3 to 5 days, I would ask that a culture be done immediately.

In regards to Staph: Staph, and/or community acquired MRSA are becoming quite common. Many of an entire sports team have been infected at once because of such close contact.
As long as your being treated, I wouldn't worry to much.  Bactrim is  one of the antibiotics that still work in the majority of the cases studied, even with newer resistant strains of Staph.

The S. aureus bacteria commonly lives on or colonizes the skin of children and adults. It is especially common to find it in the nose, which can make it easily spread/ transmitted.
To get rid of staph colonization, it can help to treat ALL family members with mupirocin (Bactroban) nasal gel twice a day for at least 5 days. I would not share towels, pillows, etc., until you complete your course of treatment.
I would also wash hands frequently and try not to touch your face or nose other then for washing, treatment, or blowing. Staph/MRSA can get into tiny cuts from shaving or scatching and cause further skin infections pretty easily.

Mupirocin ointment or cream is not the same as Nasal Mupirocin Gel.
I would ask your doctor for the specifics.

Hope you start feeling better soon!
I was just diagnosed with the same exact thing.  I had to go to the hospital on Saturday to get it check out, and while I was there they swabbed me for MRSA.  My nose has been swollen and in TONS of pain...mostly at the bottom around my septum.  The doctor took a C-Scan of my sinuses to check and see if the infection had spread intoother parts of my head.  Lukily it hadn't, because that would have been a serious problem. If I were you, and you are still having symptoms that don't seem to be clearing, I would go to ER. A lot of times general practice doctors don't know how to deal with potential MRSA like ER doctors.  ER doctors are definitely more aggressive, because they see it every day.  My general practice doctor gave me the wrong meds, and could have caused me BIG problems if I hadn't taken myself to ER. In regards to having the infection in your nose, yes, you should be concerned about it being close to your brain.   When I told the ER doctor that I had pressure in my sinuses and bad headaches, that is what really worried him.  Those can be symptoms that the infection has spread.  I am really glad I went to ER. It has been 2 days, and I feel tons better.  I find out today if it was MRSA or not.  My doc told me not to go back to work until my nose stopped "oozing", but I'm a little confused about whether or not I am contagios as well.  I will ask whenI call for my results today and try to get back to you.  Hope this helps.  Get Well!
Yeah I agree ER doctors really kick *** and I know cause I work in the ER a lot.
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