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Sudden Onset SOB, do not get better
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Sudden Onset SOB, do not get better


I am hoping a doctor is able to provide some advice before i see my pulmonary specialist in few days time.

69kg, male, no previous respiratory condition, ex-smoker of 10 years, 10/day, quit 4 months ago.

On 7th Feb 08, after a 2 hours gym session, aggressive abdominal training, 30 minutes steam room session. Got home, just about to get in bed strike by a sudden onset of SOB, shortness of breath, condition remain unchange for 48 hours.

First 48 hours condition description:
Each time i try to lie down, just at the moment of going into deep sleep i stopped breathing. I find it hard to breath when lie down, have to stack up 3 pillows, also have to sit up every few minutes to gasp for air. This condition lasted for 48 hours, thus no sleep in 48 hours.

After the first 48 hours until current:
Breathing is never the same, unable to deep breath, dry cough, occasionally bring up mucus, occasionally bring up solid pale yellow mucus, chest tightness, lung feel congested, no wheezing but occasional crackling, have to push stomach out and retain it to get a full deep breath. Weight loss to date in 3 months time 7kg.

Other condition:
Air feel trapped under left rib cage, deep breathing move the air and gives bubble feeling. Pressing that area also make the air popping sound.
Blood in mouth every morning, solid mucus from nasal with dried blood. Occasional blood test in mouth when sitting in front of comp.

Medical Check done since:
- 1st blood test - high cholestrol 5.9
- 2nd thyroid blood test - normal
- 3rd chest x-ray - normal
- 4th blood test - cholesterol dropped lower than 3.5 in 1.5 months time

Prescribed medicine:
- Steroid inhaler
- Blue puffer
- Nexum
- Antibiotics
- Nasal Spray

Nothing seems to work except the antibiotics and steroid inhaler seems to relieve the "chest tightness", but congestion remain.

I need to have a direction, i've been through 5 GP, 3 send me home saying it's stress, 1 say because i quit smoking and it will get better over "years", the last one prescribed me antibiotics and refer me to a pulmonary specialist.

Is there anything i can ask the specialist to do in this coming visit?
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i am 27
Also i forgot to mention, my blood pressure drop from a normal 120-130/80-90 from the past years to 100/60 after the sudden SOB

Right now i am feeling lung congestion, unable to bring up much mucus only a little bit, and the congestion seems to change side, sometime both lung, sometime it's clear, and i can feel mucus/liquid substance dripping along my trachea and if i feel tingling on the left lung, the left lung is congested the next day, and it will stay that way for up to couple of weeks.

Last time my lung clear up is after a meal, all of a sudden it just clear up and i can suddenly breath, but it only lasted for 12 hours then i started feeling something along my trachea, then tingling on the right side, after a sleep right lung is congested again.
To update my own post, i was recently rushed to ER due to unable to breath, mainly left side of the chest was congested.

Finally an ECG was done and it shows the following result:
Minor I.V Conduct Defect
Widespread ST Elevation
PR Depression
Strongly suggest Pericarditis

Then a 2nd ECG is done again 5 days after the first test. It still show the same result.

Went through echo test, MRI of the heart, result say Normal, probable of previous pericarditis.

My question is, i have had this breathing problem for 6 months now, if i still feel unable to deep breath for now and the echo test show normal, could this mean the pericarditis already did permanent damage to my heart? Although it only show "probable of previous pericarditis" but my breathing has never go back to normal after the first acute episode 6 months before.
I find it very sad noone has replied to your posts godbless your in my prayers
Checking the record I see "jeff9999" hasn't made a post other than those in this thread.  So, I doubt he will read your lament. Sorry to he hasn't given us any good news if he is now well.

This is my first time to read this thread and I wonder why the post was here and not in one of the heart communities, better results might have been obtained there.  

Seems too late now.  In general replying to a thread that is more than a year old isn't going to reach the one who started (posted) the thread.  Best to send them a message and see if that gets anywhere.
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