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Sudden difficulty breathing, chest tightness, oxygen drops to 88-89% wh...
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Sudden difficulty breathing, chest tightness, oxygen drops to 88-89% when walking, all scans normal


A month ago, I suddenly began having a strange difficulty breathing.   The difficulty is 100% of the time; even at rest.  It feels as if my airways have shrunk to half the size, and I have to expend considerable effort to move air through them.

Difficulty moving air
Chest tightness and pain when breathing
Oxygen levels drop to 88-89% when walking in the pulmonary function 6 minute walk test (99-100% at rest)

Test Results
EKG: normal
echocardiogram: normal
Ultrasound of stomach: normal
Urinalysis normal
CBC: white count 18 (but could be attributed to mild stomach virus I contracted while in hospital)
D-Dimer negative
Chest CT: normal; no sign of clot
Pulmonary function tests: lung capacity a bit low; O2 drops to 88-89% while walking

Treatments to date with no effect:
Nasal steroid
Prednisone 50mg 5 days
Currently on third day of azithromycin and second round of prednisone 40mg

From what the doctors have said, and from what I've read, the next step would be to get my pulmonologist and a cardiologist together to figure out what to test next.  

I am 35; healthy; reasonably in shape; 130 lbs; childhood history of asthma (but never with symptoms like this); NEVER smoked or used drugs; rarely drink; oral birth control; 2 healthy pregnancies in the last 3 years- gestational diabetes (diet controlled) with the second; have been told I'm slightly anemic, even when on 2 iron supplements per day

Has anyone had similar symptoms diagnosed?  Any ideas about whether I'm on the right track?

Thank you!
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Did you ever find out what was wrong? My child is having some of the same symptoms. Thanks!
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