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Throat and Breathing Issues

Hi.  I've been having progressively worsening breathing and throat issues for 3 months now.  Basically, my whole body is in disarray, but it's my throat and sternum area that bother me the most, plus my breathing is horrible.  My throat feels very tight and like something is pulling against it.  I feel like it's closed off on one side and it's harder to burp.  When I do burp, my breathing seems worse a lot like gas is somehow getting in my nose and blocking it too.  Lately, my sternum has felt very bad, burning and bruising in the area.  If I try to take a deep breath, it's like something is fighting against me and not letting me take the full breath.  Sometimes, I even feel like something is pinching in my throat during a deep breath, kind of like a gurgle sound in my throat or like my esophagus is being stretched out from breathing too hard or something.  When I lay, my throat feels more closed off like I can feel the cold air against it as I breathe, but it's like I'm breathing with little suction, like I'm not really breathing well.  

I don't know what it could be, but I feel it's an anatomical problem somehow.  I've had every lung and heart test you could possibly have, and lots of barium and endoscopy tests.  All they can say is reflux or gastritis.  I really don't feel either could possibly cause these, since the medicines don't seem to help either.  Painwise, it's mainly a bad burning I get under my sternum and into my ribs and lower back.  It seems based on position though.  But, it's really this throat and breathing that is killing me.  It's like so bad sometimes to where I don't want to even move my body as it seems to just make my breathing worse.  I have to sit still.  I don't want to even turn my head or look down or bend my body, as it seems my throat gets worse and my breathing is worse in certain positions.

I don't know, but I feel like it has something to do with my stomach, just not reflux or gastritis.  I'm wondering if I can just ask a surgeon to see if my stomach is in the right place, since I'm at my wits end now?  I feel like my stomach or something is out of place and somehow causing all these issues.  I know it sounds crazy, but that's all I can think of with all the tests I have had.

Anyone else have any ideas?
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More info.  I don't really have much issue with swallowing, but can feel it's a little tighter due to the tight throat.  The problem initially seemed to start with chest pain that came and went.  The chest pain was of the musculoskeletal type, burning and bruising feelings in my rib areas.  Then, my throat started getting slightly sore on one side, and I noticed the same side of my nose seemed like it was blocking off.  Now, it's like some type of gas or fumes are coming up into my nose and throat constantly and messing with them.  But, even if my nose feels clearer, the breathing problem still is there with the mouth.  It feels like my throat is more narrow now, even though my tests show it isn't.  But, something is definitely very wrong to have these types of troubles 24/7.  It's almost like some type of intense pressure under my diaphragm and you have to be careful how you move or your throat and breathing are terrible.  

Now, people are starting to think I'm crazy, but I've given anxiety meds a try to convince them it's not anxiety at all.  I've tried PPIs, and can't really tell if they helped or not, but definitely didn't with the breathing.  I should mention the tests I've had:

Chest CT
Chest CTA
Allergy Tests (*****, subdermal, blood)
Chest X-Ray
Diaphragm Fluoroscopy
Upper Endoscopy
Barium Swallow x 2
Modified Barium Swallow
Neck CT
Neck Ultrasound
Abdominal CT
Abdominal Ultrasound
Abdominal MRI
Brain MRI
Brain MRA
Stress Test
A zillion blood tests...

I don't know much more I can have done, but this is driving me insane.  It's impossible to function like this, yet noone can even find anything but freaking reflux or gastritis
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First do this pranayam twice a day, everyday, and let me know how you feel after 9 days, and how many minutes you can do.
Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.
Anulom Vilom pranayam –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril  
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril  
then -keeping the left nostril closed  deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 30  minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years – do 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Next we will try
Solar plexus
to help your body get better.
September 16, 2011
Avatar n tn
Thanks for posting.  I have tried some breathing exercises, but it's like I'm in complete disarray and have no sense of comfort anymore.  Something has gone awry with my stomach I feel and it's affecting my throat.  For instance, every time I try to burp, it just blocks my nose more and more.  Every time I breathe, it's like my stomach growls as a reflex.
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