Waking up choking on thick mucus
by barbiedoll1, Jan 24, 2007
I have had this problem for over 3 yrs'now.I have seen local ent who did a ethmoidectomy.No help from that, things stayed the same. I was dx'd with late onset asthma a few mo. before this started after a sinus infection.i am now 60 female. I was referred to a pulmonologist who recognizes the asthma problem and I am on Asmanex 2puffs2xd and spiriva 1xd,I did have all the asthma testing in the hospital to confirm.I have lupus and high bp and take sulindac 200mg 2xd and plaquenile 1xd along with Labetelol and carita for hi bp.I have been referred to a univ. hosp. and saw an ENT who can't seem to find any problem and she claims I never had an infec after looking at the ct scan done at local hospat the beginning of this whole mess. I also have had Gerd ruled out at this univ. hosp by a PH Bravo test. I am also seeing a pulmonologist at this Univ.Hosp and had a chest xray which he saw a spot he wanted to check out so I had a high res.ct of chest looking to see if it was bronchiectasis.I just heard that  it was neg. I'm totally confused and choking several times a day. I woke this last night and this am with choking and I have to hack and cough it out best I can.I use albuteral for rescue and neil med sinus rinses to help clear it. What in the world could be causing all this? The Univ.ENT made mention it might be a sicca? of my lupus. I don't know what that means. The only relieve I have had is when my Rheum. had mercy and put me on a pred taper 60mg and down for a 10 day vacation. Any thoughts? would Jewish Natl be able to help?
by National JewishBlank, Jan 25, 2007
It appears that this is a very complicated case and a frustrating one for you.  There are several questions that have been raised from: Do you have asthma; Do you (or have you) had a sinus infection; and Do you have some other problem in your lungs?  Without seeing the films and tests, it is difficult to determine the answers to these questions. The physicians at National Jewish Medical and Research Center see patients with complicated cases every day.  Their multi-disciplined approach allows a team approach to getting to the bottom of these cases.  I would suggest speaking with your physician about coming to Denver or call the Lung Line (800) 222 LUNG (5864) for more information about their program.
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by daggybee, Jan 27, 2007
If you can get to the National Jewish Research that would be the best thing.  I just want to mention that after 10 mopnths of being on antibiotics for sinus infections, three weeks ago I developed at first sticky clear mucous post nasal drip that started causing asthma, then changed to thick mucous post nasal drainage that caused severe asthma and I was waking up at night choking on it.  I kept on going to ENT's and they said it is clear so it is not any kind of infecton.  Then turned whitish, thick at times. I then went to an excellent allergist because ENT wouldn't help me, and she helped me to see an awesome ENT doctor and he diagnosed  me immediately with  fungus/mold growning all over my sinuses.  I am now being treated for past 2 days with antifungal irrigation solution(amphotericin B in sterile water) and antifungal oral med- Diflucanalready  great improvement in 2 days, no asthma and pain in lungs since last night, a lot of very thick white discharge after irrigation with the antifungal solution.
by barbiedoll1, Jan 29, 2007
It was very intresting reading your post.  I too am not getting anywhere with The ENT's they practically discredit me and my mucus mess. Since they don't see me when I am choking and the excessive amounts that I have to hack out, they can't really relate to what I tell them.  My vocal cords get so thick with mucus I have a verry difficult time not choking since I have to clear all that out first in order to cough out the asthma gunk.  My local pulmonologist can't seem to get to the bottom of this either .  I should look into an allergist again to see if something was missed when I first was tested.  At the time I had it done back about 2 or more yrs.  everything was neg., however, they did limited tests.  It's the middle of the night as I write this and I have had several episodes that have kept me awake.  When I lay down I feel very uncomfortable as if I will choke and I experience shortness of breath and have to get up and start the the cough and nasal wash process and the albuteral all over again.  I am afraid to go to sleep for fear i will choke to death.  I'm bewildered and would love to go the Jewish Nsatl.  but my ins is not one they will accept.  have you been treated there? How was your experience with Jewish Natl if you did?

Thanks for listening.

by MonaZ, Feb 16, 2007
As I try to fall a sleep, I wake-up chocking.  I am not sure what is going on with me.  I have been on weekly allergy shot for years.  I get my testing done every two years.  When I chock, I feel that my toung is falling in my thoat.  I chew on halls or gum in the middle of the night to keep me away from chocking.  I hate doing this because it is affecting my gums and teeth in bad manner.  I have acid problem and I take Mylanta every night.  Nothing seems to help me lately. I am scared that
I will chock to death.  I am scared to go to bed.  I sleep on multiple pillows and that gives me neck and shoulder pain. Can someone please help.  May God bless everyone!