White Line Across the Bridge of A child's nose
by Tresa70, Sep 06, 2004
I have a question about my 6 yr old daughter.  In the past, she has been under the care of an ENT for ear infections and tubes (4 sets in 5 years).  She does have some trouble with seasonal allergies also.   Recently, a white line across the bridge of her nose has appeared and become more noticeable in the last few months.   I was wondering what this is, what caused it and if I need to be concerned about it?
by National JewishBlank, Sep 13, 2004
This is called a transverse nasal crease.  When the nose is runny, the palm of the hand is slid over the end of the nose to wipe away the drainage.  This hand movement is commonly called the allergic salute.  Over time a white line appears across the bridge of the nose.  This is nothing to be concerned about.  It may or may not clear up depending on several factors, such as:  
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by ozark, Sep 06, 2004
most kids with allergies of the nose use the palm of their hand and push upward on their nose....does your child do that? if its a constant thing maybe he is getting a "crease" on his nose from this.....I'm not sure if that could happen....wait for the rn to respond but i think it can         good luck
by Tresa70, Sep 06, 2004
The interesting thing is that I have been told that before, but have never really noticed her wiping her nose in an upward motion.  Her allergies are under control now with medication, so I am just wondering if the line will stay or disappear with time.
by Hol, Sep 10, 2004
For many years I had that sort of white line, and so did a few of my friends (all of us girls). We didn't push our noses upwards, either. Mine finally faded at about 20 years of age. You may want to ask a dermatologist about it if it looks unsightly to your daughter.