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bronchitis? or something worse?
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bronchitis? or something worse?

Today is day #17 of an ongoing illness for me. It all started when I got achey (achy)/slight fever/chills for 2 days in a row. Well, those were my only symptoms, and they disappeared after 2 days. I felt FINE for 2 days after that, but then the following day I started to have a dry/scratchy/nonproductive cough along with a dry/scratchy/somewhat painful "sore" throat.

I had this "nonproductive" cough and painfully scratchy/dry throat for about 4 days, and then one day the throat pain went away, and the cough turned productive. Initially, the productiveness was CRAZY....cups full of phlegm ranging all sorts of colors/thickness depending on the day/time of day, etc. So, all in all, for about 6 days I was MISERABLE and coughing nonstop...especially at night with little to no sleep.

Well, after resting 1 weekend, the next week, the cough subsided substantially and I could now sleep at night.

Day #17, and here I am....with a slight cough (not NEAR as much as before) that is SOMEWHAT productive (sometimes it's dry, sometimes some phlegm comes up), but I hardly cough at night, and I cough a lot LESS during the day, but I STILL COUGH.

Now, on about day #13, I all of the sudden out of nowhere get a stuffy/runny nose. That was NOT an initial symptom, so I'm a bit confused about this. Why the nose issue when the cough is slowly getting better?!

Also, throughout this whole time, my voice has been hoarse/scratchy, and it's STILL (day #17) not normal!

Now, keep in mind that I am teacher and throughout all of this only stayed home from work to rest 1 day, and my voice takes a major hit from my profession ANYWAY, let alone when I'm not 100% healthy.

Anyway, I guess my question is....WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I was on amoxicillin for 5 days (was told bronchitis from doc and given prescrip.), and it didn't do anything...this makes me think it's definitely viral.

Right now, it's a stuffy/runny nose, a lingering cough that is usually productive, and a hoarse voice.

Is it normal to have a lingering, but substantially BETTER (if that's possible) cough 2.5 weeks after initial symptoms with bronchitis? Should I be concerned? When should I start to be concerned? I've been to the doc once already....told bronchitis & given antibiotic that didn't help. Next step to take?
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