can trapped gas cause soreness, sharp or stabbing type pains in chest?
by I_HATE_ANXIETY, Nov 04, 2008
Hi, i was wondering if trapped gas can cause chest soreness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, stabbing pain which is severe enough to think you are having a serious heart problem. and if the answer is yes, how does one go about solving this trapped gas problem?

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by no_medical_training, Dec 15, 2008
I get this from time to time and have anxiety. I've even had a nuclear stress test . . . results normal. I also get the pains in my left and right chest and lower abdomen, but it always goes away. Eat light until it passes.
by mnsdurham, Dec 28, 2008
Hi, my husband has suffered this same problem for I know at least four years now, and it doesn't matter what he eats or when. He may be fine for a day a week or a month, and then all the sudden he says he feels like he's weak and dizzy and feels like someone is poking his heart with a needle, his arm near his arm pit with hurt. He burps alot and it releaves some of the discomfort. Various other things as well. Generally he said he gets a "funny" feeling throughout his body. We went to the doctor years ago for it, and all they told us was it was because he had a fever of 98.9,(fever?)!! I was wondering if and what the doctors have told you about it, I plan on researching to see what can be done. This is the first time I have heard of someone having a similar problem, it's nice to know.
by mnsdurham, Dec 28, 2008
Hi, is it usually in your abdomen too? I just thought about that and my husband has never said anything about it being in his right chest or abdomen. He does have high cholesterol. But I was just wondering. Thanks
by I_HATE_ANXIETY, Dec 29, 2008
last night,. i had 3-4 simultaneous stabbing pains that lasted 2-3 seconds in the sternum/heart area, VERY scary very uncomfortable. i do not know if this was GAS or if it was ACID REFLUX
the docs always say either its ACID REFLUX or its "anxiety or stress" related. And yes when im full of gas, i am bloated , have a weird sensation in the body, a lil dizzy,. but once i release it, its like such a relief ! bloating goes away, i feel so good, but its hard to release it.
is your husband on any medications? did he start any medications right before this problem started?
by not_a_doctor, Mar 02, 2009
Sounds like it could be PCS (Precordial Catch Syndrome). It's a symptom caused by a trapped nerve and will always occur on the left side of chest, pretty much were you would feel your heart beating.

If this occurs frequently in adults (a number of times per year) it could be related to the back. If this is the case, try swimming regularly using the breast stroke.

A Google search for "wiki pcs" will give you more information.
by Megabits, Apr 09, 2009
Hi , i have arrived at this site after spending 2 visists to emergency department and several visits toa doctor. I have had very similar problems as decribed. sometimes i feel fine i think im over what ever it is , then i wake in the night feeling nausea, light headed, wierd sensantions through most of my upper body and back, i feel stabbing pains and sometimes i can actually see movment in my chest from gas passing through me. I feel asthough every breath i take is like breathing some toxic gas it does'nt feel like im breathing normal air . Seems to happen no matter what i eat and it seems to always hit me during the night. i can't get any answers im always told its reflux ...i have had reflux for 20+ years and i have never experienced these kind of symptoms from it. only relief i get is if i pass alot of wind and drink lots of water , i also cant manage to empty my bowls properly , always have diahrea and can only manage small ammounts per day sometimes 2 days between.
by cakes35, Oct 24, 2009
Im a 35 year old female about four days ago I started having this pain in my chest on my left side under my breast and ribcage area it hurst bad when i breath in . It even hurts when I move a certain way . I went to the ER and they couldnt find any thing .it feels like gas ,i have taken everything over thecounter for gas i can find and nothing has helped. I know im not crazy I dont like pain and this pain that im feeling in just too much to bear if anyone have a solution please help .
by allmymarbles, Oct 28, 2009
This has happened to on and off for years and I am not dead yet. It took me a long time to figure out what it was because it can be confused with heart symptoms. It is very uncomfortable, but it goes away. Now I don' t get worried - just annoyed. I have no other symptoms.
by sheani123, Nov 02, 2009
I have the same symptoms. It seems to move from left side of chest to right side. I normally take acid reflux pills, sometimes add Beano. No go away but with time. My lungs sound good to the doctor. Certain movements cause the pain, mostly at night. I'm going to the doctor soon to report it & I'm going to give her this site address so she can see I'm not alone. That does help just knowing that. My wife keeps telling me she thinks it's gas. We'll see, unless you might have any suggestions at this time?