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coughing up foamy white mucus for 3 weeks
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coughing up foamy white mucus for 3 weeks

I was coughing up foamy white mucus for 3 weeks and looked on this site for answers. Emergency room test later showed WHOOPING COUGH.

Pertussis — commonly called whooping cough (/ˈhuːpɪŋ kɒf/ or /ˈhwuːpɪŋ kɒf/) — is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis which is found in the mouth,nose and the throat of an infected person. In some countries, this disease is called the 100 days' cough or cough of 100 days.[1]
Symptoms are initially mild, and then develop into severe coughing fits, which produce the namesake high-pitched "whoop" sound in infected babies and children when they inhale air after coughing.[2] The coughing stage lasts approximately six weeks before subsiding.
Prevention by vaccination is of primary importance given the seriousness of the disease in children.[3] Although treatment is of little direct benefit to the person infected, antibiotics are recommended because they shorten the duration of infectiousness.  
There are still one million new cases reported in adults and adolescents each year.

Once you become infected with whooping cough, it can take one to three weeks for signs and symptoms to appear. They're usually mild at first and resemble those of a common cold:
• Runny nose
• Nasal congestion
• Sneezing
• Red, watery eyes
• A mild fever
• Dry cough
After a week or two, signs and symptoms worsen. Thick mucus accumulates inside your airways, causing uncontrollable coughing. Severe and prolonged coughing attacks may:
• Provoke vomiting
• Result in a red or blue face
• Cause extreme fatigue
• End with a high-pitched "whoop" sound during the next breath of air
However, many people don't develop the characteristic whoop. Sometimes, a persistent hacking cough is the only sign that an adolescent or adult has whooping cough.

When to see a doctor
Call your doctor if prolonged coughing spells cause you or your child to:
• Vomit
• Turn red or blue
• Inhale with a whooping sound

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Hi, an important aspect about pertussis or whooping cough is vaccination. The best way to prevent pertussis is to get vaccinated. There are vaccines for infants, children, preteens, teens and adults. Researchers agree that refusal to vaccinate children against whooping cough might have played a role in the 2010 pertussis outbreak in California. The whooping cough vaccination is now recommended for all pregnant women between 28 and 38 weeks pregnant. Regards.
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