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dry congested throat
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dry congested throat

ok 2 weeks ago i smoked a cigar and inhaled most of it the next morning i woke up felt normal took a shower then but then took like a 30 min nap (had little sleep the night b4) when i awoke i noticeced my throat felt a little congested i took some bendril thinkin it was an allergic reaction. ok it got a lil worse and i started to freek out so i went to the hospital. however it took me like 3 hrs to even see the doctor it practically went away and the doctor gave me some steriods and an anti inflamitory pill and said to keep takin the benedril. Well the next day it started up again and i went to my doctor this time and we were still under the impression that it was an allergic reaction.

OK so i got some steriods and perscription allergy medician an took it for about 4 days and then was normal again and canceld my follow up.

so i week passed and then last weekend (june 21st 2008) i went golfin with some friends and we started havin some cigars, i inhaled most of the cigar i smoked and was also drunk for awhile. when my drunkness wore off my throat started feeling congested again and a went to the clubhouse and sat in the ac for awhile which helped calm me down.

then when we got back from golfing i took some of my leftovr pills again and it helped a lil.

the next mournin my throat was still a lil congested like the last time this happened.
ANYWAYS i figured this was being caused becuz my throat must get irritated from cigar smoke and not an allergic reaction.........(BTW i have smoked a cigar on occasion for prolly 1.5 yrs but never inhaled untill just recently) (however i have smoked cigaretts and pipe tobacco too and ihaled them and never had this problem b4 (only in this past yr and only on rare occations I don't smoke everyday like a regular basis just on occassion))

today (june 23) when i awoke and when my throat felt as it did last time from like 2 weeks earlier. i took some of the allergy pills cuz they seem to help.

I was just wondering if I should re-go to the doctor again and get it looked at and tell them its prolly from smoke or should i just keep takin the allergy med. and see if it goes away like it did last time.

ps. im never smokin a tobacco ever again!!

todays date 6-29-08
ever since this happened my throat still gets raspy and dry and still doesnt fell 100% better i was about 99% better but then went to a bar on the 27th and breathed in a lot of 2nd hand smoke. and it seemed to knock me down back to about 80% normal throat. will this go away or whould i be worried

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