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pneumonia, cause a cracked rib?
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pneumonia, cause a cracked rib?

For about a three months now I have had a cough, however the cough keeps changing to dry, tickle, and productive but I have always had one, at the moment it is productive.

About a month ago I got quite ill, I didn’t go to the doctor I just let my body fight it out. I had fever like symptoms. Sometimes I would wake up in the night so cold I was shivering, other times I would wake up sweating. I had a cough before then, which has now got worse, it is deeper and when I breathed out I can hear my self wheezing but really deep near my stomach.
My house mate at the moment has pneumonia in her lung and she said this sounds like what she has. I don’t know if I had this, and if I did have it, I don’t know if I still have it.

I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago to be put on the pill, and he suggested the microgynon since then I developed pain in my right side by my breast. I looked it up and it suggested hormonal pains so I did nothing about it. However when I cough (which is productive at the moment) I am in extreme pain, this is also the same with sneezing and laughing.
I have a good pain threshold as I’m a hockey player and I’m always getting battered about, however this is so painful.
This pain got even worse about 3 days ago when I started coughing quite badly and heard a crack by the right side by my breast I don’t know if I did something to my rib? However that bit of pain passed after hour or so, but now I’m always feeling a constant pressure there, and now the pain has extended to my right upper middle of my back. I have also developed bruising on my right breast on the side near my armpit. It is hard to sleep, to turn my body, to cough, laugh, or sneeze my whole upper right side feels dead almost.

The pain each day is getting worse im taking pain killers but they are not doing much.  I’m not registered with a doctor where i am at the moment and I don’t know if I should go to A.E?  I also don’t know if the cough I developed when I was ill caused this pain or the pill promoted an onset of things.

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You probably coughed so hard that you cracked a rib. I would go back to the  doctor  even if it is urgent care and get a xray of your chest, you still sound like you have something going on. I am not a doctor, this is just a personal opinion. You could easily need a different antibiotic, sometimes they need to be switched...the fact that you are having a productive cough makes me believe that you need some sort of additional treatment.
As for the pain,does it hurt with deep breathing as well? A cracked rib will cause quite a bit of pain upon inspiration. I would splint the area with a pillow everytime you need to cough to help with the pain. Also, anti inflammatories are a good choice, but please consult your doctor regarding this. He or she may also prescribe some stronger pain relievers such as vicodin or some other opiate for the severe pain.
Good luck and feel better soon
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