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pulmonary nodule
I'm 37 non somker living in TN. I had a Kidney Stone back on 1-28-07 and
a small nodule 0.5 cm noncalcified found in periphery of the lingula.
I just had a ct scan with and without contrast done and the follwing results
came to light Nodular density is demonstrated in the right upper lobe anteriorly
8x6 mm. Nodular density is demonstrated in the left upper lobe 7x6mm.
A third nodular density showing lingula laterally 11mm long x 5.7mm ap. No axillary denopathy is identified. Multiple lymp nodes are noted to be present in the AP window largest lymph node measusing approximately 1.5 cm.
In addition two small nodules are present in the right lower lobe.
IMPESSION: Multiple non calcified small pulmonary nodules are identified throughout the lungs. It is unclear whether this might possibly represent metastaic disease, or previous granulomatous disease or possibly even neoplastic process. Correlation with PET scanning is recommended.

I'm scared to death and would like your opinion and if cancer my survival rate.
Thank you advance
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