sore and bleeding skin inside nose
by auntdot76, Mar 13, 2003
For about a year I have had intermittent problems with soreness inside my nose. A nostril becomes painful and then "stuff" will start to build up inside. I remove the stuff, it bleeds and then it builds up again within a few hours. The soreness will start up high in the nostril and travel down to my upper lip. This is frequently accompanied by a rash on my face which itches like crazy and spreads if I scratch it. I've gotten cortizone and antibiotic cream for my face but I'm wondering what is going on with my nose.
by National JewishBlank, Mar 18, 2003
I would recommend that you have an ENT look into your nose.  This specialist may culture your nose to make sure you do not have a chronic infection in one or both sides.
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by Drewsmom, Mar 18, 2003
See a doctor soon.
That i am sure is probably allergies, this is just my opinion i am not a dr. but you should get rid of any animals in the house or at least put them outside alot. Get a clean air machine, and definetaly keep a warm humidifier going as often as you need this will keep your nose from drying up so much. After a week or so you should see a difference. I think your home may be to dry inside. You need moist air.
by auntdot76, Mar 18, 2003
Thank you for the responses. I would never get rid of my animals though and I would certainly never leave them outside. They are part of the family. To me that would be like getting rid of my kids. I hope they are not the cause, but if so, I'll have to live with it and take some of your other suggestions. I'm going to make an appt with my doctor. Thanks!