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stomach gas pain
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stomach gas pain

Hi , im so glad that I am not alone with the same symtoms (symptoms) you have.
I am 54 years old and in my menopausal period .
My mother has this pain for so long that I can imagine how it feels and
was crying to have her being brought to the hospital and they cannot
see what's wrong . Now I know I inherited the same symptoms.
So is it hereditary or its one of the symptoms of menopause ?

I experience difficulty or shortness of breath when I feel the stomach ache,
just this year and I am scheduled to have an endoscopy because of this feeling
wc I keep on delaying because of imagine anxiety over the procedure .

I am taking pantoloc meds once a day , it regulates my acid producing stomach .
It helps but the pains is still there so it must be 1.) due to my depleting hormones ?
2.  Heredity ?  3.  maybe due to some food that I ate that is not digested well or
There are really some veggies , dairy that causes gas ?  

But I can share you my immediate relief from this pain ,,,
I put on top of my stomach a hot water rubber bag (hot compress ) and it immediately
soothes  my discomfort ... Try it , just wrap it with a hand towel so you wont get burn
and also I put on a slice of ginger in my mouth and let it stay to melt  , bite a little to get
its juice till you get use to it ... Hope this will help ...

So glad that this forum exists !  I wont be worried anymore coz I am not alone
with this crazy feeling ...
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The ginger is an anti-inflammatory so that gives you a clue as to what is wrong. When bloating makes me short of breath I take simethicone (Gas-X). I chew one tablet and drink a full glass of water. That relieves the situation rather quickly and gets rid of that loopy feeling..
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Alternate hot compress and cold compress on your stomach, to get even more benefit.
Also do kapalbhati pranayam for 10 to 20 minutes to help with your other problems.
May 3 ,2012
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