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RLS or ?
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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder characterized by unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable, and sometimes overwhelming, urge to move them for relief. Discuss topics including causes, medical or alternative treatments and how to get more sleep while suffering from RLS.

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RLS or ?

Here is my detailed case :

I am ( Rahim Rahbar ) 63 years old ,  my feet started painful tingling ( More intense at night and when I lay down, also I can get some relief when I walk ) about 6 years ago. At the same time I felt a little numbness in my feet, which became more by the time passed .
I feel no weakness in my legs or hands and the pain is just in my feet but not in hands.
Just recently I did EMG and NCV tests and I have been diagnose with
“Polyradiculoneuropathy “
I should state that I do not have any mussel lose or muscular weakness in hands or legs and no paralysis on face or hands( these are some of the symptoms of polyradiculoneuropathy.
I have a feeling of getting wrong diagnose, anyway my Doctor accepted that I am suffering from Polyradiculoneuropathy and put me on :
• Multivitamin Therapeutic  1 in the morning ( for nerve repairment )
• Naproxen 500   1 tablet at noon ( for reducing inflammation )
• Pregabalin 50 1 capsule at night ( nerve pain reliever )

I am not sure if I am suffering from polyradiculoneuropathy or peripheral neuropathy but I might have RLS.
According to your experience, what do you think

I appreciate your comments
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Hey Rahim!

The diagnosis of RLS cannot alone be made on the symptoms alone. With positive EMG/ NCV tests this is more likely to be polyradicolopathy +/- peripheral neuropathy. I would suggest following your doctor’s advice for the time being before considering a review, in case the symptoms do not improve with the suggested management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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