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Is this another autoimmune or Rheumathoid disease
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Is this another autoimmune or Rheumathoid disease

I've had Graves disease since 2007 and had total thyroidictomy about half a year ago.
I dont know if it has any importance for my problems, but at the beginning of last year I had tonsillitis(angina) which at first was treated with two antibiotics one of which was gentamycin (known for its ototoxic effects). I had to ask my GP to cease it as my tinnitus got worse and continue only with the other antibiotic which was not known to have such effects. A few months later I started having some minor pains in the shoulders and arm muscles, also some more joints had started also making cracking noise. I have to add also that last year for just few month I had lost about 20 kilograms throught diet, sports and a pretty bad summer virus which made me 7 kilograms lighter due to dehydratation.

So, before and after the thyroidictomy I was still having these minor aches in the muscles which have at the most part stopped but I am experiencing pain (still for now pretty much only a nuisance, not too much to bother me, but to worry me) in some finger joints. I do not see swelling, dont have morning stiffness or anything, but I am pretty convinced that some of my fingers have started to have some small degree of deformation.

I have been to several rheumatologists and have done the followingnblood tests :
Last October I tested :
AntiCCP and value was zero.
ANA screen was 0.25 negative few months earlier it was 0.99 but still negative according to lab.
C reactive protein 0.02 negative
Complete blood count showed only slightly elevated lymphocytes

I have also tested HLA-B27 which was negative

Rheumathoid factor tested last june was <10 negative
ESR last july and was 5mm/hr OK

For my graves disease I also tested last october
AntiTPO and value was 255 high
TSH receptor antibodies 38.26 also high

TSH last tested In November and was 0.265 just a bit low
Ft4 was 1.65 normal
ft3 tested few times and was all within range.

Please, suggest what else should I test and what kind of doctor should I visit.
Any support will be greatly appreciated.
Excuse my poor english, its not my first language.
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Hi there!

While autoimmune causes have been ruled out, one may consider looking at other possibilities such as joint degeneration, injuries to muscles/ tendons/ ligaments, neuro-muscular causes, vascular issues etc. I would suggest considering an initial evaluation by a primary care physician and if need be a a specialist (orthopedic) opinion may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
May I also add that I have grinding noise in some of my finger joints and also crepitus in many joints too. Are there any additional test that I should do too ? Few days ago I had fallen asleep and the moment I woke up I had really horrible pain in my fingers and shoulders,what was weird that I had also pain jn the place behind the ear where my glasses' left handle was. It was like I had extremely hightened sensation of pain. Hopefully, hasn't happened again since, but could be a clue what I may have. Thanks for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
In the following link us a photo of my hand. As an experiended proffessional, could you say that I have inflammation ? Thank you so much.
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