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R. A Factor (Knee and Shoulder Pain)
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R. A Factor (Knee and Shoulder Pain)

Hi, my Mom age is 65 yr. she is suffering for RA factor from 4 years ago. she feeling Pain in Knee, elbows and backbone and swelling in hands and in knee some times. she is taking medicine from Orthopedic Specialist from 4 years. orthopedic dr. advise injunction in knee, because she feels extremely pain in knee.

Orthopedic Specialist Dr. advise in major medicine Cara, and Steroids etc. Now she feels extremely pain in knee and shoulder again. i consulted with Associate Professor of Rheumatology (a member of ISN Medical Advisory Board). Dr. inform us that her right shoulder freeze and swelling on knee. Also tell us that Bones degeneration started, advise us some exercises to unfreeze shoulder and other body parts moment on daily bases.

Dr. suggest medical test and Xrays etc results given below.

Test          Result                                 Normal Value
Anti-CCP         >500.0  U/mL                     < 17  U/mL
R.A. Factor Quantitative 44.80    lU/mL                     (1-14)    lU/mL
ESR         85 mm/ 1st hr                  0-30  mm/ 1st hr  
Creatinine         1.01   mg/dL                       0.50-0.90   mg/dL
HGB          8.5 g/dL                           11.5-17.5 g/dL
HCT          28.9 %                               36-54   %
MCV          71.9 fL                                76-96    fL
MCH         21.1 pg                               27-33   pg
MCHC 29.4 g/dL                            33-35   g/dL
%RDW-CV 16.9 %                               11.5-14.5 %
PLT         436 x10.e 3/µ                     150-400 x10.e 3/µ

Now after These tests we again consult with Dr. He advise that she can not take painkiller due to high Creatinine, he advised for injunction on right shoulder and for knee.i want to ask what you suggest can we go for injunctions, how much side effects for these injunction.

Radiology shows degeneration on both knees started and some fluid present in knees, how ever other things are satisfied.

and whats you suggest overall this condition. can we treat this disease completely?

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Hi there!

Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. One would primarily have to look at radiological features as well and if it is just RA or there is associated osteoarthritis as well. The management plan would depend on the condition and its severity. It would be difficult to comment on if intra-articular injections (?steroid ?hyaluronan) would be best suitable at this time. It would be best to discuss the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with her treating orthopedician and rheumatologist. If in doubt you may seek a second opinion with another rheumatologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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