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Rheumatoid factor Igm level
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Rheumatoid factor Igm level

My Rheumatoid factor Igm level is 33.4 IU/ml and hemoglobin is 8.3.
What type of medicine shoud i take?
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High levels RF (generally above 20 IU/mL,  is over the 95th percentile ) are indicative of rheumatoid arthritis (present in 80%)

The higher the levels of RF the higher the possibility of a more destructive articular disease.
The treatment of the Rheumatoid arthritis depends on the criteria laid and your symptoms. Only on the basis of Immunoglobulin level of IgG you do not start treatment.

1) Morning stiffness of >1 hour most mornings for at least 6 weeks.
2) Arthritis and soft-tissue swelling of >3 of 14 joints/joint groups, present for at least 6 weeks
3) Arthritis of hand joints, present for at least 6 weeks
4) Symmetric arthritis, present for at least 6 weeks
5) Subcutaneous nodules in specific places
6) Rheumatoid factor at a level above the 95th percentile
7) Radiological changes suggestive of joint erosion

At least four criteria have to be met for classification as RA.
For example: one of the criteria is the presence of bone erosion on X-Ray. Prevention of bone erosion is one of the main aims of treatment because it is generally irreversible.

Come back to us for further queries and you would need an  Orthopaedician to come to a conclusion and starting the treatment.

Take care!
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My rf was 20.0 and hemoglobin 12.1 are they related?
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