Is it possible to reshape your own nose
by pattig, Aug 04, 2009
My daughter has been pressing on her nose bridge for about a year.  To be more exact, she has pushed, pressed, rubbed, massaged the bridge of her nose.  She also has applied pressure to her nose bridge with her own wrist bone.  At one point last year it caused a nose bleed, as well as causing outer skin irritation and bleeding and scabbing.  There has never been any visible brusing or swelling.  She has never applied blunt force, more of a continuous obsession with her nose.

Now a year later she feels her nose bridge bones protrude more on either side than they did before and she is convinced she has somehow made her nose bigger.  Whether it is cartilage damage or bone damage or something else, she is convinced that she has made her nose bridge have bumps that were not there before.

Is this possible.?  Thank you.
by Paul S Nassif, MDBlank, Aug 23, 2009
Dear Pattig

Pushing pressure on it will not casue problems. But if she has  an obsessive interest with her nose, this should be treated before she does any injury to the nose. Thank you for your question, and best of luck to you.

Dr. Nassif
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by pattig, Aug 18, 2009
I am respectfully bumping this post and asking where the forum expert is?  Thank you.