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Chancre or normal pimple
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Chancre or normal pimple

Hi Doctor,

I had an encounters with several CSW. vaginal and oral protected. messaging clitoris with my fingers.
2 to 3 weeks later I discovered a swollen lymph node at the left side of my groins.
2-3 days later - which is almost 3 weeks after encounters - in my evening shower I found a pimple 2-3 cm above my penis in my pubic hair which had a follicle in middle. It was inflamed, red and had a white tip I just touched it and it opened oozing clear puss. Next day looked like an open wound.
after 2 days it is round, elevated, red, has what looks like a small cavity/hole in the middle and got smaller.
In that same place I had a scab from shaving 1 week before the encounters.
That pimple wasn't there in the morning. It was a very hot day and I was outside wearing a suit for 15 hours till I discovered it.
Afraid it is syphilis, I went to a doctor who said it is an inflamed follicle because of obesity and prescribed me antibiotics. I did not tell him about my encounters and syphilis suspection.
- In your opinion this seems like syphilis?
- Should I look for a second opinion?
- Is one week enough period for a small cut to heal and I was wiping the spot with alcohol daily?
- I had another cut under my penis at the base between penis and testicles. If this wound was not healed and on this spot I get vaginal fluids is HIV a risk?

Many Thanks.
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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
Your sexual encounters were fully portected.  Therefore there would have been no risk of contracting any STIs.
The description of your symptoms does not sound like a syphilytic chancre, as it would not have pus.  It sounds more like folliculitis or a pimple.  Also it would have been very difficult to transmit HIV through the wound that you mention.
It might be worth for you to get a full STD screening at your local GUM clinic at the appropriate time, simply for your peace of mind.
Kind regards,
Dr José
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Thank you for your prompt response doctor.
I already perform periodic HIV / STD tests. Just needed your answer to confirm the doctor's diagnosis.
I am not really worried about HIV since I used condoms and there were intact but I wonder if one week is enough for a shaving cut to heal or how much time is needed?

Many thanks.
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