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Doubts about herpes diagnosis??
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Doubts about herpes diagnosis??


I'm looking for some guidance about the possibility of having genital herpes or not. History below;

9th March - Unprotected oral sex and very brief unprotected vaginal sex with a woman I only just met.

Approx 2 days later developed a burning mouth all over which still continues but not as bad but have had no cold sores and none to date. I have also noticed white patches of skin in beard, moustache and eyebrow area and still present. Also developed flu like symptoms which came and went in 2 weekly intervals spread over 6 weeks.

Approx 3 weeks post - Noticed very tiny pin ***** flesh coloured dots around urethral opening and then experienced burning on urination which is still present.Then followed by a patch of red sensitive skin at the base of the penis gland when the foreskin is pulled back.A line of redness also extends from the end of the urethral opening and joins the patch at the base.To date there have been no sores or blisters only the redness.

Throughout that time I was tested for STD's and came back negative apart from hsv.The GUM specialists continually assured me the mouth and penis were not hsv related because of no blisters after several examinations.

At 10 weeks I persuaded by GP to carry out a hsv test which came back positive for hsv1 and neg hsv2. HSV1 was IGG ELISA 120 strong positive reading.

Because the redness on my glad is still present I again went back to the GUM clinic.A doc I had not seen listened to my history and without examining me said the redness was likely due to hsv.He said even though no sores or blisters had ever appeared, the toxins from the virus had affected the skin tissue causing the redness.I discussed my own research and that I thought the virus became active, causing sores for several days and then disappeared, and then hiding again in the nerve cells and he dismissed this saying the toxins have caused the redness for 15 weeks.

Could this be genital hsv1(hoping not) or something else?


Thank you for your post and aplogies for the delay to reply.  We have been extremely busy over the last week in Olympic London!
It is certainly very difficult to give you a possible diagnosis without seeing you.  Symptoms could be consistent with some kind of urethritis, possibly NSU (non-specific urethritis).  Your description is not typical of genital herpes, even though it is possible.  Definitely no relationship between mouth and genital symptoms.  
The best test to confirm HSV infection would be a PCR swab or urine test whilst having the symptoms.  If negative, it would exclude this possibility.  Your blood test does not mean much, simply because 80% of the population has antibodies against HSV-1 and that in itself would not prove that your symptoms are related to it.  HSV-1 usually causes cold sores, but in many cases, no symptoms at all.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes,
Dr José
when i was diagnosed as positive, doctor told me to keep the report carefully because it would be difficult to test for  HSV unless there are blisters where a culture will be taken from it and then it will be observed under microscope. blood test will most likely give false negative result.
i'm not sure if this will be helpful, just sharing my own experience.
Thanks for your advice sweettooth but I'll wait for a reply from a doctor as well. Could a doc please offer any advice??

Thank you for your reply doctor.

I asked for a swab test at the GUM clinic and was told they could not because there are no legions present. I also asked the GUM Dr about the strong positive reading. I was curious if this could be correct after testing at 10 weeks or whether the reading would have been from a much earlier infection. The doc said it could have been from any time in my life but that it could have been triggered again from the encounter in March. Does this sound plausible to you?

Something else I didn't mention on my origional post because of space limits.  During the time between the 9th of march and now I developed an uncomfortable stinging sensation on pretty much the left side of my face. This was reduced considerably after appling a 1% hydrocortisone cream.  However my eyebrow still remained whitish in areas and I can see lines in my skin, particularly right through my eyebrow, that appear to form shapes on the skin surface and my eyelid has a strange feeling to it. There is no redness to the centre of the shapes, just a white border which to me is very prominent. I seem to have these shapes at random places on my face as well inc on my chin and underneath the corner of my lips.  I have asked my GP about them he doesn't seem to be able to see them as does any other of my family members. Do you think these could be a reaction to the hsv virus? I hae just become aware of erythema multiforme and became alarmed and related the above with this (I have two small red blotches on the side of my nose also which I related to erythema multiforme as well but aren't sure).

I still have some redness on the penis head which seems worse on some days than others but have noticed that it does improve when I apply bactroban which my gp prescribed.

Could you offer any advice doc.

This is a very interesting Q to draw upon.

I got a similar one for Dr Garcia. I once had what most likely was a HSV 2 wart on my labia (about 2 days after intercourse). It healed within a week.
However, 4 months later, the HSV2 test came up negative. What does this mean?
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