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HIV and STDs

Hi all I'm new to the forum but I have been on this website alot .

So a fewdays ago I returned from the Dominican Republic. I was in a sketchy part of it . Hookers at every corner. Now I met this female at one of the clubs who apparently only 18 years old. She looked her age. I took her out the next day and that evening I sealed the deal

But that evening is what is haunting me. I got massively drunk from all the presidentes I drank that the night was a blur " the sex part" all I can remember was putting it in raw for a couple minutes then realizing I should of put a condom on. So I put it on and after a couple of minutes I had to take a massive ****. So I did that and I can recall coming back and just cuddling and going to sleep rather than continuing. But I believe I did kiss her vagina but didn't exactly give oral.

Now my questions are

1) hiv risk? I'm going to get tested but is this what I should mainly be worried ? I know my chances are like 1-1000 but still, of all STDS this is the one I'm most concerned.

2) all other stds? Anything is possible right? I feel fine and normal and it's been a week since the act
But I did the finger test during the day while we were enjoying the day and it wasn't exactly that tight.

3) and lastly I have a actual loyal girl I like alot in that country, when I went to visit her the day after I didn't do anything with her except give her oral for a minute. By me giving her oral and describing what happened is she at any risk ? Do stds infection go from the penis to the mouth? I'm worried because I don't want her to suffer from my mistake.

Thanks , I'm back in the United States so testing is readily available but my main concern is HIV and if the loyal female I have there is now at risk ?
Thank you for your post.  Here are your answers as follows:
1.) Your HIV risk is very low.  However if there was unprotected penetration, there would have been a possible risk.  If she was positive, this would be less than 0.1%.  You should get tested at the appropriate window period depending on the test.
2.) If you have contracted anything, it is much more likely one of the common STDs, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes, etc.  Some of these infections might not show any symptoms.
3.) As you did not perform oral sex as such on the sex worker, there would have been no risk for you to pass anything onto your girlfriend by performing oral sex.  No need to worry.
In summary, I would advise you to get a full STD screening at the appropriate window period before you engage in any kind of sexual activity with your girlfriend,
Best wishes,

Thanks for the quick response. So this incident was 5 days ago. I got no sleep last night , since I had a late night workout . But I feel incredibly weak and I have used the restroom (dihearrea) almost 6 times today. My whole body is entirely sore and my stomach is severely sensitive. . It might be from my chest workout last night but I'm incredibly nervous since this could possible be STD symptoms.. Any thoughts? Should I be worried of HIV?? Or could this be symptoms of something else?
I have had diherrea nearly 20 visits to the restroom today with flu like symptoms with out fever or rash or swollen nodes
Hello again

Well, as Jose has mentioned, there is a risk - albeit a relatively low absolute risk - of you contracting HIV and other STD's from this episode. So you do need to test for all of these.

You can do a third generation antibody only HIV test at 6 weeks or a fourth generation combined antibody and antigen HIV test at 28 days after exposure.

You may be able to get an HIV PCR RNA test and this will give you great accuracy at 10 days after exposure.

The chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests are best done after an interval of 7 days and the hepatitis B and syphilis at 28 days.

The prospect of you becoming HIV positive is probably unlikely but it is something you need to test for.

best wishes, Sean
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