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Hepatitis concerns/worries
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Hepatitis concerns/worries

Good Morning Doctor

Hope you are well.  

I just have one final concern which is bothering me, basucally regarding Hepatitis viruses.  When me and my Girlfriend had our checks done previously, we were both given the all-clear for all STDs including HepB and C.  However, a quick look on the Internet (I know I shouldn't have, but I am a bit of a worrier, more so since I found out we've got a baby on the way), and I discovered there are some other Hepatitis viruses out there, in particular, Hepatitis G (I believe also called GBV/C), Hepatitis TT, and a 'Hepatitis Virus Agent' called NV-F.

Should I be worrying about these things.  From what I've seen on the net, Hepatitis G shares some similarities to Hepatitis C.  From what little I understand, Hepatitis C is transmitted mainly by intravenous drug infusions, sharing needles etc., and is rarely if ever transmitted sexually.  Would it be the same case for Hepatitis G ie, more likely transmitted by sharing needles, blood transfusions etc., rather than sexual transmission?  

And can you please explain what Hepatitis TT is?  Apparently stands for Transfussion Transmitted or Torque Tenu virus.  A quick look on the net explains that it's mainly transmitted by transfusion although I'm worried it could be transmitted sexually, as I'm worried that Hepatitis G could be transmitted sexually too.  

And I really don't know anything about this NV-F Hepatitis agent, if this is something I should worry about, something that can be transmitted sexually..?

It should be worth mentioning that neither me or my girlfriend have ever taken drugs or shared needles ever, although I do have a bit of a sexual history ie. 3-4 times unprotected casual sex (very stupid I know), penetrating only for a few seconds, withdrawing before really getting started, not going all the way to climax.

I just want to move on now with my girlfirend and baby, and not worry if I've passed something onto them.

Thank You.
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Thank you for your new post.
I honestly believe that you are totally overreacting, and you should not read so much on the internet.  Little knowledge is dangerous knowledge.  This is obviously not helping, as it is causing you more cause for concern.  My advice to you is to stop doing such random internet searches.
None of those viruses, TT and HGV (GB virus C) are currently believed to cause any disease in humans.  Therefore there is no point to worry about them as they would not have any clinical significance.  Associated to blood transfusions and intravenous drug use.
Regarding the NV-F agent, it is not yet even considered to be a new hepatitis virus, and it would only be relevant in cases of hepatocellular carcinoma or cirrhosis, but also found in individuals with Hepatitis B and C.  Not an issue in your case; not a reason to be concerned.
Please forget about all of this and move on.  You have not passed anything to your girlfriend and baby.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Thank You once again Doctor....

I will take your advice and move on, and look forward to dirty nappies and sleepless nights in the coming few weeks!

Thank You once again - God Bless You Doctor....
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