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Regretful incident
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Regretful incident

I picked up a spanish sw on the way home form a night club. It's all very hazy but I met her on the street whilst very drunk. I approached her so it's not clear to me if  she were a street worker. She appeared to be going somewhere. She was not african. She returned to the hotel with me.

We stripped and she put on condom on me. We has sex for a while. I withdrew and pulled to condom off and then masturbated myself to completion. She then cleared up and left.

I touched her anus and vagina  with my hands/fingers.  There was no oral sex.

It seems if my recollection of the order of events is what occurred my chances of infection of HIV is low. Is this correct? Is this the same for other stds such as syphilis? Could I have infected myself by touching the condom and then myself?

My anxiety is increasing and I'm starting to question my memory given I was drunk. Is this a high risk incident given the sw may have been a full time street walker?

Do I have a high risk profile? I spoke to a helpline today who suggested not to get screened unless I have symptoms. My issue with this is I was very drunk so it's possible I dont recall something/get something wrong. Further to that I have a partner. Is my guilt just makign me focus on stds?
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Thank you very much for your contribution to our forum.
If this sexual encounter happened as described, it is a low risk or no risk event, because a condom was used throughout the pentrative intercourse and there was no oral involved.  Coming into contact with vaginal fluid might involve a very low risk only to infections such as Chalmydia and Gonorrhoea, and nothing else.  No risk of HIV at all whatosever.
However if you yourself are not sure about the exact events, al I can say, for your peace of mind and your partner's sake, you ought to have a full STD screening, which I am sure it is going to be totally fine.
Best wishes,
Dr Jose
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I had a full std screening today. Because of my anxiety they also sold me a HIV DNA PCR Testing (10 Day HIV Testing).

What that a mistake? it seems these tests give false positives. I feel like I could be creating an issue for myself that isn't there.

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As I mentioned above, I do not believe that you need to worry.
Anyhow, you have had the PCR test, which I am sure it is going to be negative.
False positives are very rare anyway!!
Dr José
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