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Risks:2 hot prostitutes,2 oral sessions no condom,3 vaginal sessions wi...
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Risks:2 hot prostitutes,2 oral sessions no condom,3 vaginal sessions with condom?

I (male) had an std test two weeks ago with negative results for hiv, syphilis, chlamidia, and herpes 2. Since then, I have not had sex with anyone until 2 nights ago. I was in Costa Rica on business and had a wild drunken night with friends having sex with 1 gorgeous prostitute, no oral sex, and had a condom on for vaginal sex (there was slight briefly (30 seconds) and softly rubbed genitals with no condom before penetrating as she wanted sex without it but luckily I had the fortitude to demand a condom). Then I had sex with another not so gorgeous prostitute twice, both times receiving brief oral sex without a condom, and both times vaginal sex with a condom.

Regarding my std tests, my healthcare provider indicated that with no discharge, there is no need for gonorrhea tests, how true is this?

Regarding my sex acts, how worried/nervous should I be for hiv, syphilis, chlamidia, gonorrhea, and herpes 2? I feel the most nervous about herpes 2 since I read condoms are only partially effective at prevention. Can you please explain what my chances/risks are, whether you recommend testing without symptoms? Should I not have sex with anyone until a few weeks I take std tests again?
Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
Gonorrhoea usually causes a discharge and pain when urinating.  However in some cases, it can be silent, not showing any symptoms, though rare.  I would always recommedn testing regardless of symptoms, if there was a possible exposure.
From the poitn of view of the protected penetrations, that would not involve any real risk as it was safe, the condom remaining intact and in place.  The unprotected oral sex would have involved a risk of Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Non-specific Urethritis, Syphilis and Herpes.  Therefore it would be advisable to at least test your for these and refrain from unprotected sex with anybody else until you are sure that all results are clear.  The first three can be tested after 2 weeks of the last sexual encounter.  Syphilis after at least 4 weeks.  Regarding herpes, you could be tested if you develop any typical symptoms of a painful blistery rash by having a PCR swab.  A blood test for serology is only relaible after 12 weeks.
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Dr José
I am in a similar situation of receiving unprotected oral but I have been feeling occasional feverish (99.2) with occasional urinary pain, fatigue comes and goes, now my lymph nodes enlarged.  Diarrhea, a few night sweats, side/stomach pains.  Had blood+urine testing done 2 weeks post exposure.

It was all clear but I realize it was too early for everything to be accurate.  Also my urine sample was supposed to be "first void" and I went late in the afternoon.  In fact I urinated ~ 55 mins. before giving my sample at the lab, and I think that may have thrown off the results, although I do remember it burning when I was there.
why did thehospital give me injection I'n the harms for three at 6 every day and the week later i had to have tablet yes i was sleeping around on my wife but i started to get very sore testies i thought i pulled them all it was were iras snip 8 years ago but they said i did not pull them did a wee test they never said anything to me just told me i have to take these drugs so was it a STD
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