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STD complications that keep haunting me for 9 months now.
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STD complications that keep haunting me for 9 months now.

Dear Dr.

This story keeps going for 9 months now with no real end in sight.. I have seen various urologists, all with differing opinions. I am a 33 year old male and used to be in very good health until this story started.

So, end of July 2012 - I received unprotected oral sex in SE Asia. Next day I woke up with an ulcer on penis (probably injury from sex), feeling malaise and I urinated some blood. My mistake at this point is that I started seeing a range of different doctors receiving different diagnoses and treatments.

A local DR tells me it's possible Chlamydia/Gonnorhea infection. From then on it started a series of recurring symptoms, tests and antibiotics courses. I have taken various antibiotics (Cefixime/Azithromycin/Doxycyclin) and started/stopped fluoroquinolones (due to reactions).

Cultures come up negative (but some white blood cells in urethra) and US showed cysts on both my epididimis. Some fluid at the end of both testes and an uneven area on prostate (v=31).
My symptoms have ranged from reactive arthritis to epididimitis and variculose that comes and goes.

Currently, I still get pain on left testicle, less on the right, and pelvis pain that comes and goes. The head of penis looks weird with wrinkles due to some inflammation. Urologist said I had slight Lichen Sclerosis from dripping (post-urinal-dripping started recently). Penis head also looks wet in the morning.

I get some itching and burning on the end of the urethra,especially when I wash with soap.
Scrotum and penis shaft seems to have changed in colour and angiokeratomas have appeared (never had these before).

My urologist says that clinical and lab everything is fine and "every man gets it at some point" but I dont believe it's just that. I think I still have something which is still working but it’s not detectable either and could be resistant by now.

Please advise and let me know if you need any clarifications or further details.
Thank you.
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Good Morning

Sorry to hear all that. You will hate me for this but you're asking for a clear answer for something which has obviously had a long history and become complex. It's really not suitable for a dialogue or diagnosis or advice on a forum like this I'm afraid.

We'd be happy obviously to see you in clinic and go through it properly but this is not the place for it.

Forgive me!

best regards, Sean
I have/had a similar problem. The infection is a common oral bacteria (streptococcus viridanis) that has set up shop in my prostate. Antibiotics don't reach the or have a hard time reaching the core of the prostate as it is a dense piece of flesh with limited blood flow. Regardless, the body has accepted the bacteria and I show no sign of infection. WBC counts, discharge etc. it's only there when we do a culture and sensitivity test on my semen.

After 5 years, I've not beat it but learned to live with it. The pain passed in time. I have many of the same symptoms and lead an almost normal sex life.
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