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Worried about possible infection
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Worried about possible infection

Hi Sean,

I am young and very worried about possible infection from an epsiode I had 4 weeks ago. I was with a girl at a party that I don't really know but except she is Irish. I am not experienced at all and were french kissing for twenty minutes. We took off our tops and had skin to skin contact with each other. She then put her hand down my trousers and felt my penis with her fingers for a split second. We were both clothed from waist down. There was cuts or vaginal fluids and I have no symptoms or rashes

My questions are:

Can I catch any STDs from french kissing her?
Can I catch STDs from her touching my penis for that second like HPV or syphilis?
Can I catch any STDs from our upper bodies touching?
Do I need to take an STD test?

I would really appreciate a response to end my worry
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Hi Colin

You can relax. You wont catch anything at all from this except maybe a cold if she had one.

You don't need to worry at all. You most certainly will not catch HIV from this or syphilis.

This was just harmless fun. Relax and enjoy the memory rather than worrying about it.

best regards, Sean
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On the last comment I made I should correct myself. I meant to say that there were no cuts or vaginal fluids.

Thank you
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