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insertive oral sex
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insertive oral sex

Hi doctor,
I’m a 32yo Italian guy, on 18dec I’ve been with a prostitute, who performed unprotected oral sex on me (for 5 minutes) and then we had protected vaginal sex. no kissing involved. She was from eastern europe,20 years old, she looked clean but she was pretty skinny so I’m afraid that she could be a drug user or HIV+ even if she didn’t seem to be sick. Before sex she washed her genital parts with lot of water (I don’t know if it is a good sign), she asked me if I had a shower before (she didn’t ask me twice to be more sure). I don’t remember any visible cuts outside her mouth. After oral sex I didn’t notice any blood on my penis. After the vaginal sex the condom seemed intact, but I don’t know if it is possible to not recognize if it is was my first time with a SW so I was nervous and I’m not sure I could notice some small cuts in the condom even if I kept it with my hand for a while while cleaning my penis with a Kleenex and I didn’t notice anything. After sex she washed herself again. After two days I’ve realized that I might have done a risky thing so I’ve checked if I had any cuts on my penis and I didn’t notice anything. I’ve spoken with my GP, he said not to worry, that I don’t need an HIV test or anything else (unless I experience some symptoms), but I didn't mention that she was a prostitute, so I write here just to remove my last dubts.
1) Do you think that I need to take an HIV test?
2) There is a risk for hepatitis in this event? I’ve read somewhere that Hepatitis in eastern Europe is not uncommon. Do you think I need to be checked for hep? If yes, how long do I have to wait?
3) Do you think that, in absence of symptoms, I need to be checked for something else? What are the STDs that I might have now and are some of them asymptomatic? And in case, how long should I wait?
4) yesterday I’ve just started to date a friend, there is a possibility that we can get quite close soon, should I be worried for her?

Thank you very much
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Hello Albero,

I do not think there is a risk of HIV here. I think you will be fine.

You had protected vaginal penetrative sex and although this has caused you concern, I suspect it is mainly because the lady you had sex with was a sex worker.

There is a risk through unprotected oral sex - you being sucked - of her transferring and STD such as chlamyida or gonorrhoea to you. I do not believe, as I have said above, that there is a risk of HIV.

I think you should have a full sexual health screen before you develop a sexual relationship with your girlfriend. I think it would be useful for you have an HIV test - BUT only to put your mind to rest - as I say, I do not believe there is a risk to you. I would suggest you have an HIV DUO = a fourth generation HIV test at around 28 days after the event and that will be sufficient.

I do not believe there is a significant risk of hepatitis contamination for you.

I hope all that helps, best wishes, Sean
Dear Doctor,

thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

As you suggest I will have an hiv test to put my mind at rest, I would like to know if 28 days are enough for the full sexual health screen as well or if you think I should wait some more weeks for that.

Thank you again and happy new year!
Hello again

I'm so sorry - I missed this further question.

Yes, 28 days is ideal - no worries.

Again, apologies!

best regards, Sean
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