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Burning/Tingling in Penis
I have been suffering from some form of urinary tract infection for over 3 months now. I have had 3 different blood test
in 3 months and they come out negative except for HSV-1. I have never had an outbreak. I am 45yrs old. I am suffering
from constant burning/tingling at tip of penis. The burning/tingling gets worse after ejaculation.

The penis head/shaft is beginning to get discolored.

Some days the frequent urination stopped but the burning/tingling still exist. I have seen several docs and they have
prescribed all kinds of antibiotics including penicillin shots, doxycycline,
diflucan, flagyl, bactrim, levaquin and yet i am still suffering from this problem.

I sometimes have itchings along with the burning.
But the burning and a tingling feeling at the tip persists. Sometimes my penis temperature gets really hot.
Also, the discomfort and burning is underneath the shaft of my penis.
I have just recently had a cystocopy done and my Urologist said I don't have prostate issues.

I don't know what else to do, please advise..

This discussion is related to HSV1 Gential Infection Questions about transmission/safe sex.
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