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Could it be Syphilis or Chancroid
Dear Doctor

On 20 Dec 2012 and 28 January 2013, I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex with SW in Thailand.  

I have blood test for STD including HIV and Syphilis on 30 January 2013. The result is HIV - Non Reactive and VDRL - NON Reactive.

After that, I found a dark blown spot dead skin (app. 3mm) on the shaft on my penis on 2 February 2013. Dead skin came out easily after I rub it. I feel pain when touching a open sore that has clear fluid inside. And, it will be pain during shower. The open sore extends to be bigger around 1 cm. The open sore is not really round with no raised edges. The color inside a sore is pink and red. I took Azithromycin 2g at a single dose on 2 February 2013.    

I went to see Dermatology doctor on 9 February 2013 and I did a blood test on VDRL (RPR) again. The result is Non Reactive. The doctor said it could not be a syphilitic chancre. He prescribed Eryhromycin ES 400mg for a week and Bectroban 15g ointment to apply on the open sore.

1. Does this open sore seem like syphilis or Chancroid?
2. Has a open sore on genital always been STD such as Syphilis or Chancroid?  
3. Azithromycin 2g can cure the syphilis or Chancroid?
4. What is the actual window period for syphilis testing?

Thank you,
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