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Hi. I have recently tested negative with an early detection RNA HIV-1 test at 15 days post a possible encounter. What is the likelihood of having contracted HIV-2. I hear that HIV-2 is much less prevalent that HIV-1. I am going to take a rapid 4th generation HIV test tomorrow somewhere, once I find a location that offers it. It will be 28 days tomorrow.

I would rather not discuss the situation, I already know that I put myself at risk over one encounter. Wasn't thinking straight at the time.

I don't have health insurance so I do much of my own research. I think I have oral thrush and potentially either gonorrhea or chlamydia bacteria from this as well. Thrush because of a greenish white patch on the center of my tongue. There is nothing on my tonsils or the back or underneath my tongue, it is just clear.

My reason for thinking I have one of the bacterial infections has to do with a slight tingling feeling in my testicles or urethra on some occasions.

I haven't had any swollen lymph nodes to my knowledge, but did have a pulsating beneath my collar bone that I think may be a supraclavicular aneurysm.

I have also had shortness of breath and trouble breathing at times, but I think that was due to anxiety. I have not had any loss of appetite but my jaw was a little screwy after performing oral sex.

I have not had any headaches but have had a slight tingling feeling in my head sometimes. I also have not had nausea. Sometimes I feel gaseous discharges coming on but cannot belch as I want. I tend to belch quite often.

I think I may have HSV-1 because I did have a cold sore to the bottom left of my lip upon leaving the encounter and had shown myself to a physician. I remember that I used to get cold sores as a kid. So I am guessing that the virus has always been in my system. I had no idea that herpes was considered sexually transmittable.

I also realized that the supraclavicular aneurysm idea may be related to secondary syphilis. In college, I had received oral sex from a female I met at a library on campus and I recall a girl from the library remarking how someone had contracted syphillis. I had gone to a doctor but they laughed at me, thinking nothing of it. I have never had any sores of any type, I do not have any sores that I know of. The reason I bring up the instance from college is because my thighs had become swollen and I am guessing that it had something to do with a herpes infection.

Also have been eating a lot of dairy products lately, a lot of yogurt, one of my jobs is at a large dairy store so I thought that that may be an indicator of the candida albicans induced oral thrush.

I was really scared about the HIV test but when it came back negative I was so happy. Wasn't even thinking about HIV-2 because I thought it was commonly found with Sooty Mangabey populations of Western Africa. But then I remembered that the city in which I live is home to many West African peoples. Brazilian people are also common with the HIV-2. Thus, tomorrow I am going for another test, but this time hopefully a rapid one.

My main concern is what is the probability of contracting HIV-2 if you already know that you are HIV-1 negative?

The lab where I got the test from did not seem to have much concern over the blood test and had samples outside in the environment so I wasn't sure how reliable the results would be. I was also thinking that the problems with the neck and collar bone may be to doing pull-ups.

I also feel like I have been having proctitis, not recently anymore but before. I have had only one watery discharge from my rectum in which a seed had come out of my anus. Not really sure what diarrhea is because I am used to having weird discharges from my anus. I was having trouble sitting down but not sure if that was out of boredom or anxiety related. My scrotum was also more old-man like, I am in my early-20's, by old-man like, I mean droopy, with one testicle lower than the other. It looked like the right testicle was somewhat reddish or bloody which SCARED me. But there was no pain and remains no pain in my penis and testicles.

I am used to getting sinus infections. I am not sure I have ever had the flu and am not sure which hepatitis vaccinations I was given in my youth. I very rarely get sick and have not had health insurance in the last five years.

I feel bad for not getting tested two years ago after receiving oral sex from the library girl but felt that since I met her in the library that I had nothing to worry about. She was a dancer at a strip joint. I ended up meeting a lot of women at the library. The doctor (medical student doctor) thought that I saw afterwards at the university clinic thought my anxiety was related to a thyroid problem. She actually came on to me as well, so I guess I was pretty attractive to the ladies at that time.

I haven't had any stomach pains.

I apologize for the lengthy question post which is quite revealing about my health and practices. My uncle would shun me had I known I gave out so much information through an online forum, but I am desperate for advice at this point in time. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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