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How high is the risk for STDs?
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How high is the risk for STDs?

Dear All,
I had been to a gay bar on Nov.2,2013, and give a old man an oral sex.(I am a married with a woman for several years, and this is my first and only time to give a oral sex to a man).
After that I am very worried the HIV and STD. So I went the clinic to test my hiv after 41 days, ti came back negative.
Now I am now not very much worried about the HIV, because I suppose it is not easy to contract HIV by oral.
and After this exposure two weeks , I did a swab, and they checked my Gonorrhea and Chlamydiae, both of them are negative.

But a week ago, I am aware there is a bump on the left side of the root of my tongue, close to the throat. It is not big, and not painful. But you feel some thing is there and when you swallow something, you can feel it more clearly.
So My question what might this be? Is there any relationship with my give an oral ( and I do not know the guy's health status). I am very much worried whether it is a herpes , or HPV or any other STDs. I went to doctor, he told me this is a inflammation, and did not tell me it is related the oral or not. And he a me week's pill of penicillin and said it will get better after one week's treatment.

So my question, as i described, what kind of test should I take ? and How long should I wait for the test?
Is any possibility for me to get contracted with the STD, like my exposure.

Thank you in advance!
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Your risk for STD's is low.
Testing times:
Gonorrhea-1 week (mouth swab)
Herpes-3 months
Syphilis-6 weeks
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