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pimples on labia majora
October 2006, I got this intense itching in my genitals that persisted and being without health insurance I never went to the doctor.  I mean it was everywhere, my butt itched intensely and so did my genitals.  At this time, I started riding my bike to work and sweating a lot.  Also, I had gained some weight and was stuffing myself into my jeans so I thought it had something to do with tight clothing.  It was especially itchy after hot baths and after my period it itched intensely in my hair, near the waist line.  I scratched so hard it bleed and my skin dried out.

Then in December 2006, I got what looked like a pimple on the inside of my labia minora.  I squeezed it and it popped out blood.  It wasn't painful, but it did grow in size.  I took lots of hot baths and it would shrink, but not go away entirely.  Eventually it went away and I didn't think anything of it.

Then in early January 2007 I had this big bump near the opening of my vagina.  I took an extremely hot bath and it shrank away.  I think it was a bartholin's cyst, but when I went to the doc it was a smaller bump under the skin and she said it was probably folliciltus and gave me some antibiotics.  I also had a pap smear done by my doctor (a nurse practitioner) b/c it had been about a year.

A week or so later January 2007, I worked on a film set wearing a costume that was pretty stuffy and I sweated all day in it.  The next morning I woke up and my crotch was reallllly red and itchy and swollen.  I went to the doctor and she took a swab and  said it appeared to be a yeast infection and told me what to get at CVS.  She also said women tend to get a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics.  I told her about the pimple bump and she told me it was probably nothing and to come in next time I had one she wanted to see it.  Also, the pap smear came back abnormal and she said they just repeat it in 3 months.

A few weeks later In February I got the intense itching again and got the cvs medicine for the yeast infection and it cleared up fine.  

Then in May 2007, I got the same pimple thing back again (inside of my lip).  I called her and went in for an appointment.  The first she said was it looked suspicious.  She asked me all about herpes, but I did not have the cluster nor did I notice an outbreak.  She took a culture to send off to the lab.  She said well if it is we can give you some medicine and walked out the room.  I almost broke down right there.  

My sexual history is nothing to brag about.  I am not sexually active much at all.  I have had 5 partners (women) and one man which was sort of a lonely drunk incident and in hindsight a big mistake, but hey we all make mistakes.  I was with that guy in February 2006 (about 8/9 months before the itching started).  Then before that I was with a women 2 years ago in 2004. I'm gay and have the worst luck meeting people that I can connect with.  Also I've only been with these 6 people only 1 time each - not a long-term relationship.  I got in touch with him and he said he does not have any STDs.

So in May when she checked out the pimple and did a culture test, the culture came back negative and the pap came back normal (hooray!).  We did a blood test for both herpes to make sure and she said both levels were extremely low so I didn't have either herpes virus.  She tested me for syphillis and that was negative.  Back in May 2006 I was tested for gonnerhea and clamida (spelling?) and those were negative.  I get an HIV test every 6 months and that is negative.  All the STD tests were negative.  She did say I had some weird bumps on the labia majora that are always there (and to my knowledge always have been) she thinks are suspicious.  

In August I had some extreme intense itching both during and after my period and two really large nodules under the vulvar skin that swelled up and went away within a week. I think they were cysts.  I was wearing some tight jeans and once I stopped and took some baths and the itching isn't that bad anymore (I mean my butt and cervix itched REALLY bad I actually cut myself near my vagina and I can still feel the line from my nail that scrapped the sensitive skin.)

Now I have the same pimple in the same place for the 3rd time again!  I popped and squeezed it and it is gone.  Does the skin on the inside and outside of the lips have pores?  Can you get irritation bumps down there?

I'm no itchy at the moment and everything seems fine.  I do shave down there a lot and I have a raised peice of skin that I thought was a bump so I kept touching it and it got really big now then deflated, but it feels sensitive.  I think it might an inflammed hair follicle.

Do you think I have an STD?  Do you think it is folliculitous?  Are some people prone to cysts?  Do you think it's hpv?

Please advice what your thoughts are on my situation so I can stop worrying!  

Thank you!
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