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I read in one post you said that ureaplasma is not an STD but a common bacteria often carried btw couples?

I visited a massage place a few times and on at least one occasion had unprotected felatio for a minute or two prior to using a condem.

Over the last several months my wife has complained that the day after sex her vagina starts to burn for several days sometimes lasting until her next period.  We thought it was lubricant related so switched lubricants.

She said it has been occuring for about 6 months which made me think that maybe I gave her something.  So, I went to an urgent care clinic to be tested.  They did the standard test and said most people do not get tested for microplasms due to the pain.  I had the swab test done in addition to sypillus, gonherea, hiv, herpes (blood, urine and urethea swab).

All negative except the ureaplasma.  The doctor Rx doxycycline and said she needed to report it to the state board of health.  

Meanwhile my wife went to the OB/Gyn (I have not discussed it with her yet).  The Ob/Gyn said there was a yeast infection and Rx a pill (one dose) and vaginal creme to clear yeast infection.  She said with middle age women it the pain could be related to lubrication, lack of estrogren, or possibly other things but to clear the yeast infection first then see if the problem re-occurs.

Obviously, I'm am concerned about discussing the extra marital issues if not needed but I don't want to pass the ureaplasma back and forth if she has it and I cure myself.  I am prepared to talk with her but if Ureaplasma isn't an STD and her burning issue wasn't caused by this then I'm wondering about taking a wait and see approach?  What is the risk of me not curing myself with the antibotic?  Should ureaplasma be curred in both of us or is it really just a common bacteria?

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