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what are the chances of me getting a STD after having unprotected oral ...
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what are the chances of me getting a STD after having unprotected oral sex?

well me and my boyfriend were at the movies and i decided to give him oral sex.
not thinking i just started doing it without a condom.
im scared that i might have something...i dont have any symptoms after a day
but my anxiety is killing me the only thought that is running through my mind is that i might have a STD
my question is..

what are the chances that i have one?

im only 14 years old so how will i get tested?

how many STDs are completely curable?
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Has your bf ever been with any one else?  If he's never had sex, or oral sex, then he can't have an std, and therefore, you can't either.

If he has had other partners, then he needs to be tested before you do anything else sexually with him.

Oral sex, in general, is low risk for stds, but it is possible.   The chances that you got anything from this is low, but you and your bf need to talk about stds before you do anything else with him sexually, if he has had even 1 other partner for regular, oral or anal sex.

Many stds are curable - gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, for example.  Others, like HPV, will clear up within time, and herpes is forever.

Different places have different laws regarding people your age and getting std tested.  You could call a Planned Parenthood and ask what the state laws are in your state.  Some states have laws where your parents have to be notified, others don't.

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